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Are you looking for an AI solution provider in California? Look no further AlphaBOLD is a leading AI solutions provider that has served the AI market in California and worked on global projects. As a GOLD Microsoft Partner, AlphaBOLD has utilized many of Microsoft’s tools to provide AI solutions for healthcare companies and AI solutions for manufacturing companies. We have the best Artificial Intelligence Solutions in California and we can help you! 


AlphaBOLD has experience in this area. We have utilized artificial intelligence for healthcare companies to create our Disease Classifier- this AI for healthcare device studies raw disease data and removes discrepancies. It then amends the poorly formatted datasets to certify that disease data is correctly identified and classified. 

robotic process automation

Use Machine Learning to achieve robotic process automation

analytical competencies

Augment human analytical competencies by leveraging Machine Learning

data analytics

Use data analytics to make smart and timely decisions

analyze historical data

Use Machine Learning to analyze historical data to forescast future trends


Artificial Intelligence Solutions in California is a growing industry. Artificial intelligence for healthcare has become more prominent in the industry as healthcare companies evolve to meet the ever-increasing challenges, diseases, and competition. By utilizing AI for healthcare, companies can meet these aggressive demands.  

AI of healthcare
disease data cleansing
AI for Manufacturing


AlphaBOLD has worked with numerous firms and deployed efficient AI solutions for manufacturing firms. One of our advanced AI projects included a solution that was built on a machine learning model. It can be trained to predict when any equipment is coming close to malfunctioning or requires maintenance. In addition to that, this fantastic AI-based solution calculates the meantime to failure or MMTF of equipment. Our Artificial Intelligence Solutions in California have taken the world by storm. 

predective maintainance AI

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BOLDParser allows businesses to automate their incoming invoices through an intelligent solution that extracts the fields from the documents and creates the corresponding transactions in the ERP system accordingly.

AI Solution classification of diseases


The Artificial Intelligence solution is exposed as a service, which can be consumed by any app in your organization to help eliminate disease data inconsistencies and correct poorly formatted data. 



BOLD-HI AI solution helps organizations serve their customers better. It calculates Customer Happiness Index by using sentiment analysis and machine learning techniques.

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Introduction to Predictive Maintenance Solution

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