Construction Project Management Software In Carlsbad, California

AlphaBOLD – a GOLD-certified Microsoft Partner, is happy to serve its customers via its BOLDBuild solution built on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Construction in California! We have provided solutions in the field of construction for Dynamics 365 for multiple years throughout California, and our head office is located in the famous city of Carlsbad. 

Carlsbad is not just famous for its bookended beach geography or its unique park attractions. This city has a great deal of importance in the construction industry! BOLDBuild is a Dynamic construction software built for companies working in the AEC industry. It is one of the best construction management software in California and is perfect for all firms that employ Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Construction in California.  The powerful software is a state-of-the-art construction project management software that utilizes dynamics 365 for construction industry specific projects. 


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Sales Management

Simplifies sales process by generating automated proposals and tracking bids

Opportunity Management

Provides a platform to handle direct and indirect sales opportunities  

Real-time Analytics

Helps in making informed business decisions and identifying areas of improvement

Project Visibility

Tracks labor activities, equipment, POs, materials and deliveries

Team Collaboration

Provides a unified platform for collaboration across the entire organization

Best Solution for Dynamic’s Construction! 

dynamics 365 for construction analytics

If you are using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Construction in California or looking for reliable and efficient construction management software in California, BOLDBuild is the answer to your prayers.  

BOLDBuild is designed for firms using dynamics 365 for construction industry projects. This Dynamic’s construction solution brings your entire business together in one powerful packaged cloud solution. It is a management software that connects your teams, processes, and devices through a single system across the construction project lifecycle. 

Do you use Dynamics 365 for Construction Industry? 

Businesses that use Dynamics 365 for the construction can now quickly and accurately track materials and labor, send automated sales proposals, and deliver projects within time and budget through BOLDBuild. With BOLDBuild’s extensive construction modules, companies can effectively streamline their sales, pre-construction, construction, and post-construction processes. 

dynamics 365 for construction analytics

BOLDBuild Pricing

Choose the package (BOLDBuild Basic, BOLDBuild Standard or BOLDBuild Premium) that fits your business needs.


Are you looking for construction management software in California?

Are you looking to improve your Construction Processes?

You must be thinking, why should I use BOLDBuild together with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Construction in California? Finding a unified and connected construction management software in California is a tedious task! A solution that can be easily customized to meet the exact needs of the business is nearly impossible. It was nearly impossible! With the BOLDBuild solution, construction for Dynamics 365 takes a new turn! This Dynamic’s construction add-on is perfect for all AEC companies, regardless of what size they are! You can have your entire construction project mapped out in BOLDBuild’s amazing dashboards!  

BOLDBuild Solution – the only answer! 

This easy-to-use software connects you with your clients, vendors, contractors, superintendents, etc. All your project information is stored in a secure cloud. Furthermore, BOLDBuild offers multiple integrations with software like Wrike, Microsoft Office 365, Foundation, Business Central, Dynamics AX, GP, QuickBooks, Sage, SAP, Microsoft Project Online, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams. With automated reports, proposals, and real-time insights, BOLDBuild empowers you to take full control of your entire business throughout the construction lifecycle.


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Construction for Dynamics 365 enters a new era with BOLDBuild!

Reduce your costs and streamline your construction business by choosing BOLDBuild as an add-on to your Dynamics 365 software. Forget disparate, disconnected processes that held your AEC firm back!