Cold Chain Management Solution

In the US, 40% of perishable food waste occurs during distribution although supply chain is tightly regulated and monitored. AlphaBOLD's COLDChain solution reduces food wastage, premature spoilage, theft and adulteration by providing critical and accurate tracking of telemetry data. This solution provides easy access to actionable insights for buyers, retailers, producers and distributors through an integrated solution using IoT and Blockchain.

cold chain management solution
Track your goods
Control Pilferage

Track your goods to ensure nothing goes missing

Automate work
Eliminate Manual Work

Automate the recording of crucial information to minimize manual work

Track the location
Real-time Insights

Track the location and get insights on your entire supply chain

Enforce SLA
Ownership Hand-Off

Enforce SLA’s through smart contracts between changing hands

record telemetry data
Minimize Wastage & Spoilage

Run status checks, stage tracking and record telemetry data


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