CRM documents storageBOLDArchival service provides the ability to sync extensive storage resources like email attachments, knowledge base articles, and other documents with document management systems that are traditionally designed for cheaper data storage. Archival service provides connectors to sync storage from SalesForce and Dynamics 365 with SharePoint, Dropbox, and Google Docs.

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Data Archival

Email attachments and notes attachments are automatically integrated with SharePoint.

Cost Saving

Reduce your storage cost from $10/GB/month to almost nothing in SharePoint. 

SharePoint Search

Leverage SharePoint enterprise search across all attachments and attachment content.


Schedule BOLDArchival service for frequency on attachment archival.


Configure entities in minutes to enable BOLDArchival service.


Dynamics 365 to SharePoint

Are you receiving emails from Microsoft about reaching your storage limit in Dynamics 365? Are you concerned about the inability to search on attachments in Dynamics 365? Are you concerned about your ever-increasing storage requirements? If your answer to any of these questions is affirmative, you need the BOLDArchival service configured for your organization. I hope you are not thinking about buying extra storage because if you are, you are not thinking like BOLDEnthusiasts. The truth is that you have already paid for that extra storage by subscribing to Office 365. All you need to do now is join BOLDCommunity and let us configure our BOLDSolutions to fix your problems.


0 – 30 Users

$50 / month

24/7 Email Support

Configure up to 5 entities

30 – 60 Users

$100 / month

24/7 Email Support

Configure any number of entities

60 – 120 Users

$150 / month

24/7 Email Support

Configure any number of entities


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