AlphaBOLD has empowered many organizations to utilize Microsoft Power Virtual Agents for employee and customer needs as part of our continued partnership with Microsoft. With customizable artificial intelligence chatbots paving the way for customer services, companies can cater to customer needs 24/7.

What is Microsoft Power Virtual Agents?

Power Virtual Agents allows companies to create customized virtual agents via a guided no-code interface provided by Microsoft. Additionally, companies can develop advanced bots for complex scenarios by leveraging combined capabilities of Microsoft Power Automate, Azure Bot Services, and Power Virtual Agents. From answering customer queries via chat to helping site visitors navigate services and offerings, this is made possible with robust chatbots powered by Power Virtual Agents.
AlphaBOLD can help utilize Power Virtual Agents to develop and manage chatbots and virtual agents with an easy-to-use, no-code solution. As trusted Microsoft partners, our experts have enabled various organizations across industries to leverage the complete capabilities of the Power Platform, including customer service scenarios.

Power Virtual Agents Capabilities

Time and cost-efficient

Easily create and manage chatbots without the need to hire additional resources.

Fully customizable solutions

Integrate the chatbots into existing business processes, websites, and applications.

Simplified task management

Manage low-level requests with virtual agents and escalate complex inquiries to live agents easily.

Performance tracking on the go

Track chatbot performance using the AI-driven insights available in the dashboard

Real-time updates

Leverage Azure ML to equip virtual agents to deal with different scenarios in real-time.

24/7 customer support services

Ensure your global customer base gets the support they need across time-zones and geographical barriers.

Why opt for Microsoft Power Virtual Agents?

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents empowers companies to create easy-to-use, customizable, no-code chatbots for multiple scenarios. Companies can start custom conversations and transfer them to live agents if additional support is required. Additionally, with seamless integrations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights, companies can get a holistic view of their customer service processes.

Why Work With a Power Virtual Agents Consultant

Our experts can help you create sophisticated, AI-powered virtual agents that help improve performance and resource utilization across departments. We can help you integrate Power Virtual Agents with your existing products/services with pre-built connectors and custom workflows to streamline and modernize your processes.
With our experience across the Power Platform, we can help support companies across industries with practical solutions and services they need. Our experts empower companies to overcome development barriers and business challenges with complete security and compliance.