Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service empowers businesses to create strong relationships with their clients by providing seamless customer service. AlphaBOLD is a Microsoft Gold Dynamics Partner and the 2021 MSUS Partner Award Winner for Dynamics 365 Customer Service. We have helped many organizations drive personalized, meaningful interactions with customers and provide an unparalleled degree of support anywhere, anytime.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service capabilities

Provide self-service options Elevate agent effectiveness Deliver proactive
Optimize service operations Tailor customer engagements
Activate virtual agents for modern self-service solutions
Get a 360-degree view of your customer
Help agents get answers faster
Analyze comprehensive support insights
Proactively fix device issues
Give customers direct access to your knowledge base
Help customers engage on their terms
Multitask with ease
Adapt quickly to real-time customer sentiment
Enhance support with integrated IoT alerts
Share knowledge through community portals
Anticipate customer needs
Strengthen cross-team collaboration
Monitor success using unified KPIs
Monitor device health index
Free agents to handle more complex matters
Automatically assign requests to the best-suited agent
Act on customer feedback
Understand agent behavior with knowledge-search insights
Ensure devices fix effectiveness

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BOLDConnect is an end-to-end predictive maintenance solution that utilizes AI and smart sensors to improve productivity, reduce costs, and expand the equipment lifespan. BOLDConnect enables companies to remotely monitor the health and performance of their industrial equipment by connecting IoT devices with business procedures.

Behavioral CRM

Behavioral CRM is a connected system that enables sales and marketing to work together efficiently. The solution provides them with improved insights and efficient sales collaboration, thus empowering them to execute the sales strategy effectively. With tailored information, improved tracking, access to data, and time efficiency, the Behavioral CRM improves the overall sales and profitability of the company.


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The customer service module of Dynamics 365 enables users to streamline knowledge and case management through automation. It grants users a 360-degree view of processes allowing for personalized customer service with dashboards and reports that provide complete visibility into agent performance.

As an official Microsoft Partner and the winner of the MSUS Partner Award for Customer Service, AlphaBOLD has the right expertise to help you devise a customer service plan that suits your exact needs. Our experts will connect with you, learn what you need, and then help you implement the solution in the way that suits you best.

Omnichannel is essentially a product extension to Dynamics 365 Customer Service, allowing organizations to meet customers where they are across numerous digital media channels like live chat, SMS, and social media. It also includes features like contextual customer identification and a productivity-oriented interface. However, it is not part of the base Dynamics 365 Customer Service product, as it requires an additional license.

The Chat Add-In is an a la carte component of the Digital Messaging Add-In. Digital Messaging includes both the live chat and base omnichannel features of Chat Add-In and the inclusion of digital channels like social media. Furthermore, these licenses require the Customer Service enterprise license first. The Chat license is needed for each user that uses the chat feature to talk to the customer. The Voice license provides hosted phone capabilities and voice transcription, click to dial, and screen pop capabilities. The digital messaging add-on provides the same license as the chat license and provides the ability to converse via SMS. The digital messaging with a voice add-on provides all of the above functionality.

Using “Connected Customer Service,” we can utilize Azure IoT central to feed data into Dynamics about devices out in the field. This automatically creates cases whenever an IoT device reports a problem or error.

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