Sales in manufacturing involves the management of distributors, vendors, retailers, contractors, installers and subcontractors. In a traditional CRM system, multiple opportunities are managed in a way that focuses the implementation of one opportunity against one customer. In other words, if you are selling a product to the end customer or if a retailer or a distributor is selling your product to the same customer, the CRM system will not classify it as a single opportunity. Instead, it will result in won or lost opportunities based on the incorrect number of opportunities being formed.

sales module manufacturing

AlphaBOLD’s Dynamics 365 for manufacturing solution on the other hand, is a scalable software that predicts the correct forecasting of opportunities by tracking all these classified scenarios accurately. It also facilitates accurate reporting for sales forecasting based upon end customer pipeline enabling our solution to create multiple quotations that can address different customers for the same sales.

Features of the AlphaBOLD solution for sales

Manages customers

Manages customers of different classifications and keeps track of their orders

Offers quote management

Offers quote management, order management and invoicing

built-in templates for sales

Provides built-in templates for sales forecasting and reporting

access information on mobile devices

Gives you the ability to manage and access information on mobile devices

tracks shipment details

Sends late order notifications, calculates freight amounts and tracks shipment details


Customer Service in manufacturing

Customer Service in manufacturing has a huge component of aftermarket service programs. AlphaBOLD has developed programs that when combined with unified service desk, provides customer service with a one window information tracking solution to be more efficient, effective and address queries faster. Effective aftermarket programs require integration with ERP systems, which is another domain in which BOLDEnthusiasts specialize. We have implemented an RMA process that instantiates from the CRM and then goes across to the ERP system, making customer service better and faster than ever.

Features of the AlphaBOLD solution for customer service

track customer requests

Efficiently tracks customer requests from all incoming channels

reduced call time

Offers improvement in first call resolution and reduced call time

TAPI integration

Uses TAPI integration to streamline information access from one interface

Helps customer service

Helps customer service reps to find information faster on the call

Searches for previous cases

Searches for previous cases to speed up resolution for recurring incidents


Harnessing product data to provide analytics and demand forecast is a key to successful implementation in the manufacturing industry.  AlphaBOLD has specifically designed a BI solution for your manufacturing business to sort, filter and shape up your raw data to provide a bird’s eye view of all the key domains of your business. Apart from assisting in all key analytics across the board, it provides optimal insights for demand forecasting, sales reporting, order - inventory management and profit maximization. The solution is designed to leverage predictive models to analyze historical data across the business silos to evaluate the business from all fronts.

BI solution for Manufacturing business

Features of the AlphaBOLD solution for business intelligence

financial analysis

Performs key financial analysis across multiple business units

optimizing operational efficiency

Profit maximization by optimizing operational efficiency

inventory usage

Monitors inventory usage, costs and reports for inventory allocation

Tracks production

Tracks production-delivery time & on-time performances and product demands insights

customer service effectiveness

Helps measure interactions and analyzes customer service effectiveness


automate manufacturing business processes

Talking devices is our IoT and AI initiative to automate manufacturing business processes in a proactive manner rather than being reactive about it. By bringing in databases, computers, and systems with sensor data, we make operational processes more efficient and manageable. We develop specialized sensors (accelerometers) which help in the retrieval of information such as the current, the temperature and the vibration frequency in a noninvasive manner. Using our tools, manufacturers can schedule maintenance in a timely manner.

Features of the AlphaBOLD solution for IoT and AI

save on expensive maintenance costs

Helps companies save on expensive maintenance costs using predictive maintenance

plan maintenance

Makes it easier for engineers to monitor and plan maintenance

Schedules field agent

Schedules field agent for motor maintenance automatically

production capacity

Determines total production capacity, order fulfillment and maintenance costs

system to suggest corrective

Implements a system to suggest corrective measures based upon the data trends


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BOLDConnect is an end-to-end predictive maintenance solution that uses artificial intelligence and smart sensors to improve operational efficiency, minimize costs and extend the equipment lifecycle.