Predictive Maintenance in Manufacturing

Talking devices is AlphaBOLD's initiative to envision a smarter world where devices could effectively communicate to systems and humans. The information shared by talking devices, through sensors, can be used to measure device health. This can change the way industries operate by providing operational efficiency, minimizing maintenance costs, and providing valuable business insights.

BOLDConnect is an end-to-end predictive maintenance solution that uses artificial intelligence and smart sensors to improve operational efficiency, minimize costs, and extend the equipment lifecycle. By connecting IoT devices with business processes, you can monitor the health and performance of your industrial equipment anytime, anywhere.

BOLDConnect uses specialized sensors to retrieve telemetry data from manufacturing equipment in a non-invasive manner. This data is processed using an AI solution to schedule equipment maintenance by predicting equipment breakdowns.

ai iot solution manufacturing
Predictive Maintenance Solution
increase production solution
Increase Production

Optimize equipment performance to increase production capacity

reduce downtime with boldconnect
Reduce Downtime

Schedule preemptive maintenance through real-time insights on equipment health

production planning manufacturing
Production Planning

Get insights on your production capacity by calculating performance capacity of each unit

minimize your power lose with boldconnect
Minimize Power Loss

Optimize equipment to reduce power wastage and electricity bills

realtime analytics
Real-time Performance Analytics

Power BI visualizations to analyze equipment health, performance, forecast maintenance, and fiscal planning

fault determination
Fault Determination and Classification

Get real time notifications on location and nature of faults

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Introduction to Predictive Maintenance Solution

In order to maintain your machinery with a conductive-driven program, read this detailed guide on predictive maintenance.

Webinar: Impact of IIoT Predictive Maintenance on Manufacturing and Production Quality

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