BOLDSuite Analytics – Your New-Age NetSuite
Power BI Connector

Stop wasting time on manual data entry. BOLDSuite Analytics seamlessly connects
NetSuite to Power BI, giving you automated insights in minutes.

Power Up Your Data with a NetSuite Power BI Connector

Connect NetSuite data with Power BI to unlock endless possibilities & improve business insights. Do you still ‘massage’ your data in Excel because you cannot get accurate reporting out of NetSuite? BOLDSuite Analytics is a NetSuite Power BI connector that can pull Workbook datasets into your PowerBI environment and merge them with other external data sources. The reports will load up-to-date data, and you will be able to tailor them to your exact needs. Connect NetSuite with Power BI now to fuel your growth!


  • Effortless Connection: Ditch the CSV struggles. Our REST-based connection with token-based authentication ensures secure, automated data pulls straight from your NetSuite Workbooks and saved searches.
  • Power BI Integration: BOLDSuite Analytics seamlessly integrates with Power BI, empowering you to leverage its full reporting and visualization capabilities without any complex setup.
  • Big Data, No Worries: Our optimized data engine handles even the largest data sets with ease, delivering lightning-fast performance and stunning visuals even for complex queries. 
  • Ready-to-Go Insights: Hit the ground running with built-in dashboards tailored for common business scenarios like budgets, orders, sales commissions, and projects. Customize them to your needs and get actionable insights instantly. 
  • Flexibility and Power: Pull Workbook datasets and merge them with other external data sources for comprehensive analysis. Design custom reports and visualizations with Power BI’s full range of tools. 

BOLDSuite Serverless Data Connector

The BOLDSuite Serverless Data Connector revolutionizes data integration by providing a seamless, secure, and efficient solution. Whether you are looking to streamline your data processes or enhance your business intelligence capabilities, our connector is designed to meet your needs with ease and reliability. Empower your organization with real-time insights and superior data management—experience the future of data connectivity with BOLDSuite Analytics.

Seamless Data Retrieval:

Effortlessly retrieve data from NetSuite Saved Searches or Workbooks.


No ODBC Connector Required:

Operate without the need for an ODBC connector.


Serverless Deployment:

Deploy the data connector without requiring a virtual machine.

Test case implementation

Automatic Data Mapping:

Enjoy automatic mapping between NetSuite data and destination tables.

Infographics show the Azure function, Canvas Apps, or embedded apps

Azure Integration:

Runs on Azure Data Factory and Serverless Azure SQL Server.


Secure Authentication:

Ensures data security with robust authentication.

realtime analytics

Near-Real Time Sync:

Achieves near-real-time data synchronization between NetSuite and your data warehouse.

Independent Scheduling:

Offers independent scheduling for Saved Searches and Workbooks.


BOLDSuite Analytics seamlessly connects your NetSuite data to Power BI, eliminating manual data imports and ensuring your information is always up-to-date and ready for visualization. With BOLDSuite Analytics, your NetSuite data has a direct pipeline to Power BI, eliminating the need for complex data warehousing. Furthermore, this direct pipeline eliminates the cost of additional middleware or ETL tools, ensuring that your data never leaves your company! No manual periodic data pulls, no transferring or multiple rows from multiple sheets – The BOLDSuite Analytics NetSuite Power BI Connector is more than equipped to understand and utilize your data structure. 

  • Eliminate the need for a separate data warehousing solution. 
  • No middleware or ETL process required, the native capabilities of the connector do that for you. 
  • No more manual data mapping, the data structure is already configured. 

Tell us about your future project and AlphaBOLD will provide you with a curated demo and complimentary consultation within a few business hours. 


With BOLDSuite Analytics Dashboard, you can have access to your most important information at your fingertips. This Power BI custom connector improves visibility and profitability! Check out these videos to learn more about the features of our Power BI NetSuite connector.

Image shows dashboards of BOLDSuite analytics

Budget vs. ACTUALS Reporting

  • Budget vs. Actual – Real-time financial overview to manage day-to-day financial operations
  • Budget vs. Actual – Financials by the department, by account type on a daily/weekly/monthly, and yearly basis


  • Real-time inventory tracker
  • Order rate calculation
  • Sales amount by vendor, by sales rep, by items and by customers
  • Net amount vs. quantity billed comparison
  • Inbound/Outbound tracker


  • Automate monthly sales commissions
  • Executive view of total sales done by day/ month/ quarter/ year
  • Total sales summary by customer, by the sales rep with commission details


  • Break down complex project data with drill-down charts and graphs.
  • Track outcomes in real-time for faster decision-making.
  • Keep projects on schedule and budget with detailed reports.
  • Analyze data to understand specific patterns and trends.

Common BOLDSuite Analytics Use Cases

BOLDSuite Analytics is ideal for generating comprehensive financial reports, including Budget vs. Actuals. Finance teams can seamlessly pull data from NetSuite and merge it with other financial data sources in Power BI. Using the Power BI NetSuite connector simplifies this process.

Leverage real-time inventory tracking with BOLDSuite Analytics. Businesses can monitor stock levels, track order rates, and analyze sales data by vendor, sales rep, items, and customers. The Power BI NetSuite connector ensures up-to-date inventory insights.

Automate and enhance your sales performance analysis with detailed sales commissions reports. Gain insights into total sales by day, month, quarter, or year, and track sales performance by customer or sales rep. The Power BI NetSuite connector facilitates this analysis.

Improve project visibility and efficiency with real-time project management reports. Use drill-down charts and graphs to break down complex project data, track project outcomes, and ensure projects stay on schedule and within budget. BOLDSuite Analytics, powered by the Power BI NetSuite connector, provides these capabilities.

Provide executives with high-level overviews of business performance through customizable dashboards. BOLDSuite Analytics enables the creation of executive dashboards that aggregate key metrics across various departments.

Tailor reports to meet specific business needs with the flexibility of BOLDSuite Analytics. Combine NetSuite data with external data sources to create custom reports and visualizations in Power BI.

Enhance operational efficiency by eliminating the need for manual data entry and periodic data pulls. BOLDSuite Analytics automates data integration between NetSuite and Power BI, ensuring that data is always up-to-date and ready for analysis.


Connect NetSuite to Power BI with our NetSuite Power BI connector to extend NetSuite’s near real-time analytical capabilities. This Power BI connector is designed to be flexible, fast, and intuitive. With pre-built Dashboards and simple configuration options, this Power BI NetSuite connector facilitates an actionable analysis of your data. *Remember, all this is provided at no cost to our NetSuite customers. Get your custom connectors for Power BI and enjoy unlimited opportunities.
Gain Insights Faster

Gain faster Insights with Microsoft Power BI

Smarter data-driven business decisions

Smarter data-driven business decisions

User-Friendly Integration

User-Friendly Integration

Out-of-the-box at no additional cost

Out-of-the-box at no additional cost


Now you can double the power of NetSuite analytics with Power BI. Our custom connectors for Power BI leverage advanced data analytics tools that improve overall business efficiency! Our NetSuite Power BI connector allows for rich, personalized dashboards that seamlessly integrate with your existing applications! AlphaBOLD has designed BOLDSuite Analytics to provide you with advanced analytics with NetSuite without extensive knowledge of BI tools. It is a NetSuite Power BI Connector for self-service BI.

Power BI-driven visuals offer a centralized view with additional insights that help make sense of your NetSuite data. Don’t waste time. Request your Power BI NetSuite connector demo today!

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BOLDSuite Analytics is a free connector that seamlessly bridges the gap between your NetSuite Workbooks/saved searches and Power BI. It eliminates manual data exports and delivers near real-time insights within Power BI’s familiar environment allowing for seamless NetSuite Power BI integration. 

We utilize a secure REST-based connection with token-based authentication, ensuring quick setup and smooth data access without complex configurations. 
You can access all your NetSuite Workbook and saved searches data, including financials, sales, inventory, and customer information with our Power BI NetSuite connector.

Absolutely! We provide pre-built dashboards for common scenarios, but you can easily customize them or create entirely new reports and visualizations using Power BI’s full capabilities. 

Our optimized data engine is built for Power BI’s native data model, delivering lightning-fast performance and stunning visuals even with massive datasets. 

Ready to benefit from NetSuite Power BI integration? Click ‘Request a Demo’ on this page and a member of our team will reach out to you to get you set up. 

Of course! We offer comprehensive documentation and FAQs on our website, and our friendly support team is always happy to help.