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BOLDSuite Analytics – the new of reporting within NetSuite:

BOLDSuite Analytics is a NetSuite Power BI connector designed to automate reports, improve business insights, and give data-driven insights by eliminating the need for multiple data sources. It uses our proprietary NetSuite data connector to pull NetSuite datasets into your PowerBI environment. and merge them with other external data sources. The reports will load up-to-date data quickly, and you will be able to tailor them to your exact needs. With BOLDSuite Analytics, you can create immersive, interactive reports and dashboards that provide data-driven insights that drive business decisions, improve visibility and profitability!

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If you happened to miss our most recent live webinar, “Build Your Own Power BI Reports For NetSuite” we will make sure that you are not left behind! Our webinar was such a success it would be a shame if you did not get to enjoy it with all the other attendees who were able to view it live! So, here is a blog where you can read all about itor you can skip straight ahead to the webinar by clicking on the link below. 

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Our two presenters were Tayyab Alithe VP of consulting at AlphaBOLD, with 15 years of consulting experience. Along with Tayyab, was the Strategic Sales Expert at AlphaBOLD Nick Craig, who has 9 years of account management experience. So, rest assured, our attendees and you, if you choose to be, were in good hands, as together our presenters were able to deliver one of our most enlightening and successful webinars to date. Our attendees were able to enjoy an informative introduction to Power BI and how it can enhance NetSuite’s already proficient reporting capabilities. Our introduction to Power BI will give you a glimpse into how you can take your reporting to the next level of business intelligence.  

Here are just a few of the topics that were covered in this webinar that may catch your interest: 

  • How to create effective Power BI Dashboards with SuiteAnalytics Workbook?  
  • How to connect to Power BI using our AlphaBOLD custom connector?  
  • How to build simple to complex Dashboards in Power BI with existing NetSuite data? 
  • How can we help you build the ultimate analytical platform using internal and/or external data sources? 

This may sound a little daunting now, but with our extensive and easy-to-follow demo, you will be an expert on using each of these mechanisms by the end of the webinar! We will cover each of these topics in our demonstration and walk you through using Power BI to enable you to enhance your reporting capabilities. 

If this is still not reason enough to watch our webinar, then here are some statistics that may change your mind: 

  • Only 23% of small to medium-sized businesses are using data analytics tools. This means that a surprisingly large number of businesses are unaware of what is happening in their day-to-day business communications and transactions. AlphaBOLD is looking to change this inefficient practice with our cost-saving, and effective Power BI reports. 
  • From the businesses looking at their data, 65% of small to medium-sized businesses are using spreadsheets for data analysis. This process is unproductive as it makes it difficult to share, collaborate, and maintain information. Most importantly, spreadsheets are not effective for companies that plan to sustain growth and not remaining stagnant. 
  • Following up on that last statistic, we will mention a study that concluded that companies that invested in data analytics tools grew four times faster than companies that did not (Deloitte, 2017). Again, that is no small number, and it is another reason we have conducted this webinar to demonstrate the importance of data analytical tools. 

If you are interested to see what our attendees had to say, here are our results from some polls we took during our webinar session: 

image001 image003 image005 image007

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Do you feel that these answers relate to you and your business? Then it may be time for you to contact us to see how Power BI can help upgrade your business. If you still feel like you require more information, check out our webinar for a free demonstration into Power BI and see how you can go beyond basic reporting to new business intelligence levels! 

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