At AlphaBOLD, we focus on using technology to help revolutionize business processes; one way we do this is with our Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. We empower IoT providers and enterprise adopters to upgrade their business value through connected devices, helping them simplify and modernize their organizations.

What is IoT?

An IoT ecosystem comprises multiple web-enabled smart devices that utilize embedded systems to gather, send, and process data acquired from their respective environments. They can be in the form of sensors, communication hardware, or processors. IoT devices connect to an IoT gateway, edge devices, or other related devices to share sensor data and then act on the information. Modern-day businesses use IoT solutions to funnel data into the organization with smart apps and solutions that enable remote configurations, access, monitoring, cross-device communication, real-time device monitoring, and security enhancements.

AlphaBOLD’s experts have worked on various IoT solutions for clients spread across the globe and industries. We provide secure and comprehensive solutions from the sensor to the cloud with industrial and consumer IoT expertise.

IoT Solutions For Every Industry

Infographics show the Data-Migration

Optimize energy consumption with IoT 

Increase sales productivity with an improved, automated solution

Build custom systems with SDKs and APIs 


Connect IoT sensors and devices to the cloud 

Infographics show the Data-Optimization

Monitor the health of devices and equipment remotely 

Carry out video surveillance for devices, and equipment 

Benefit from real-time monitoring of cargo and equipment 

Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT refers to the automation of the industrial system. These solutions are designed to increase productivity and efficiency within organizations. Some top IoT applications are asset tracking, predictive maintenance, remote monitoring, employee and environmental safety, and inventory management.

Consumer IoT

Consumer IoT emphasizes on individual users through smart home applications, wearables, and personal monitoring devices. It has two basic types: personal IoT and smart IoT. Examples include voice assistance, smart home appliances, and personal tracking and monitoring devices.

Featured Case Studies

Industry: Managed Care

AlphaBOLD developed a solution for SOBRSafe, which focuses on enabling a culture of prevention. With the help of cutting-edge technologies like React, Node, and Flutter, a solution was developed that uses mobile and web platforms to onboard devices, users, and organizations into the solution.

Industry: Manufacturing

AlphaBOLD developed an IoT solution to help TaylorMade Golf (TMG) predict fulfillment time for back-ordered products. AlphaBOLD also utilized the .NET Framework to implement a global assembly tool for TMG’s shop floor manufacturing.

Industry: Food & Beverages

AlphaBOLD’s COLDChain solution empowered a food & beverage manufacturer and distributor with Azure Cloud, IoT Hub, and BlockChain technology to reduce food wastage, premature spoilage, theft, and adulteration by providing critical and accurate tracking of telemetry data.

IoT Solutions

AlphaBOLD’s technology experts deliver robust, secure, and customized IoT development services to organizations across the globe. AlphaBOLD’s IoT expertise allows your business to tap into new revenue streams and propel it into a more versatile and connected future. By choosing AlphaBOLD as your IoT services provider.

Infographics show the Data-Optimization


BOLDConnect serves as a packaged solution to move from scheduled to predictive maintenance using smart sensors and artificial intelligences capabilities.
Infographics show the Data-Optimization


An end-to-end ColdChain IoT solution that allows you to monitor, analyze and automate. Get notified when your supply chain needs human intervention.

Featured Solutions

IoT temperature sensors with raspberry pi
IoT temperature sensors with raspberry pi

Learn how you can integrate your IoT temperature sensors with raspberry pi to streamline environmental parameters in transit.

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Streaming IoT telemetries in real-time using SignalR and Blazor
Streaming IoT telemetries in real-time using SignalR and Blazor

Enjoy real-time web functionality with duplex communication to send unsolicited messages back and forth quickly.

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Streaming telemetries in IoT from machines to cloud
Streaming telemetries in IoT from machines to cloud

Learn how you can stream telemetries in IoT from machines to your cloud applications using Socket IO.

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IoT and VM automation on the shop floor
shop floor

Learn how AlphaBOLD experts utilize various sensors, control systems, and servers to create a seamless batch production flow.

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Why choose AlphaBOLD as your IoT services provider?

By choosing AlphaBOLD as your IoT services provider, you can confidently navigate the complex landscape of IoT implementation and harness the full potential of connected devices, enabling seamless data integration, real-time insights, and unparalleled scalability for your business. Our IoT development services can seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure, optimize operational efficiency, and unlock new opportunities for innovation and growth, propelling your business to new heights in the digital era.