TECH on Wheels

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BOLDBus is a mobile education solution developed to bridge the digitization gap among school going children due to socio-economic barriers. Tech on Wheels Program equips students with the necessary skillset and knowledge at an early age by establishing a strong base for them. With the use of creative programming, demonstrations and interactive sessions, this initiative will facilitate the digital learning process for children who aspire to learn but lack the necessary resources, guidance and support.

Prepare for a better future

To develop in-demand skills, conceptual clarity, and confidence needed to excel in the future  

Customized learning path

From STEM concepts to soft skills, our customized courses help school going children experiment through practical learning 

Develop in-demand IT skills

To equip curious minds with 21st century technical and soft skills i.e., coding, robotics, and AI 

From Four-Walled to Four-Wheeled Classroom

AlphaBOLD aims to work with communities who cannot readily access technical education and computer-based learning. The children we will be working with belong to communities that are not considerably far from the city’s center, however, they remain isolated and fail to fully utilize the benefits the city can offer its youth. This initiative is an effort to physically connect the children of such marginalized communities and provide them interactive learning experiences through workshops and our IT courses on Robotics, Coding, and AI.

Course Duration 

6 Months to 2 years

Age Group

7 to 18 years


5th to 10th Class/O-Level

Key Objectives of Tech on Wheels

  • Reducing the digital divide for children with no or limited access 
  • Creating awareness of computer-based learning as a window to knowledge
  • Enhancing interest-levels in learning STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)
  • Introducing the multidisciplinary approach to education 
  • Encouraging collaborative learning & technical proficiencies
  • Developing interpersonal skills
  • Providing equal opportunities for the inquisitive minds irrespective of the socio-economic barriers 

Corporate Partnership



Curriculum & Trainings

From reading complicated instructions to solution development and troubleshooting, this course puts a range of critical thinking skills to work. It also touches advanced topics including engineering and programming, and as a bonus, it happens in the most fun way possible. 

Scratch Programming for Beginners

  • Block-based programming language
  • Make games, i.e. PacMan and Mario in Scratch programming.
  • Concepts of coding, i.e. algorithms, pseudo code, loops, conditional statements, variables, operators etc.
  • Concepts of mathematics, i.e. shapes, measurements etc. v. Making artwork to help students to boost their creativity and esthetic sense.

Basic Electronics

  • Understand the basic concepts and principles of robotics and electronics.
  • Use TinkerCAD to design and simulate electronic circuits.
  • Identify and understand the function of various electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, and transistors.
  • Design, construct, and program basic electronic circuits using microcontroller boards such as Micro Bit and Arduino.
  • Understand and use digital and analog outputs and inputs in electronic circuits.
  • Design and construct practical projects such as an automatic street light system, a burglar alarm system, and a smart parking system.

Two-Year Program for Learning Robotics

  • MT01 Basic Electronics (2 months)
    This module covers electronics fundamentals, including electrical circuits and components. Students will learn how to build basic electronic circuits with the TinkerCAD simulator.
  • MT02 Arduino with C++ (2 months)
    This module introduces learners to the Arduino microcontroller platform and the C++ programming language. Students learn how to program Arduino boards and create simple robots using the Arduino IDE.

Latest Updates

Scholar School System

We successfully delivered 60 intensive sessions of Edvon’s Scratch Programming Level 1 to enrolled students. Together, we have taken a significant step forward in empowering the next generation with essential digital skills and preparing them to thrive in the digital age.

Allied School System

With 130 students successfully completing the 80-session program (Basic Electronics), our commitment to providing quality education in electronics is evident. Additionally, 31 students are enrolled in Two-Year Robotics Program at Allied School System.

Chand Bagh School

Recently, we conducted a two-day workshop on ‘Obstacle Avoiding Robotic Car with Arduino and C++’ at Chand Bagh School. This initiative aimed to enhance students’ practical knowledge in robotics and programming.

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