Redefining the AEC Industry with AlphaBOLD

AlphaBOLD is a consulting firm specializing in building software solutions to empower the AEC industry. We understand the challenges of the construction landscape—the need for efficiency, pace, and innovation while facing limitations on profitability and productivity.

That’s where we come in. Leveraging our deep expertise in the AEC software technology such as intelligent project management tools and robust analytics, we tackle these issues head-on. Our purpose-built construction solutions, developed on Microsoft Dynamics for construction, streamline workflows, enable seamless collaboration, and empower data-driven decisions across your entire project lifecycle.

AlphaBOLD is dedicated to transforming the AEC landscape, making challenges like inefficiency and limited profitability things of the past. We help you achieve this vision by providing innovative AEC software solutions for proactive cost control, seamless field-to-office collaboration, and enhanced project oversight. Our goal is to empower you to build smarter and more efficiently, thereby driving predictable and sustainable business growth.

AEC Redefined: Build Faster, Smarter, Stronger

The AEC industry, responsible for building the world around us, often struggles with outdated processes and fragmented data. This lack of technological integration leads to inefficiencies, delays, and missed opportunities. By embracing advanced construction software solutions, AEC firms can unlock a new level of performance. Imagine a world where intelligent tools automate tasks, real-time data informs decisions, and seamless collaboration drives project success. This is the future of the AEC industry, and AlphaBOLD is here to guide you on the path to achieving it.
14 Hours Lost Weekly 90% of Time Wasted 79% Better at Budgeting
AEC industry professionals tackling non-productive activities.
AEC project managers focus on task communication.
AEC Companies that used construction software met their budgets.
Here at AlphaBOLD, we make technology adoption easier with our module-based approach. This allows you to prioritize features that address your firm’s most pressing needs. Imagine streamlined workflows that eliminate tedious tasks, seamless collaboration that fosters communication across teams, real-time project insights that fuel data-driven decisions, and a reduction in errors that leads to better outcomes.

Addressing Key Pain Points with Advanced AEC Software Solutions

AlphaBOLD understands the pressures of the AEC industry. Disjointed workflows, communication gaps, and missed deadlines can all hinder your firm’s efficiency and profitability. Here’s how our advanced AEC software solutions can help you overcome these common pain points:

Maximize Your AEC Technology ROI with Microsoft Dynamics for Construction

Discover the transformative potential of proprietary software that offers Microsoft Dynamics 365 for construction. By leveraging this robust platform, AlphaBOLD can help you enhance every aspect of your operations from sales to customer service and beyond, ensuring you maintain a competitive edge in a fast-evolving marke

Microsoft Dynamics for Construction

Assess the limitations of the hardware and decide whether the project infrastructure can handle user demand. 

Project Operations

Tailored for the construction industry's complex project management needs, this module supports robust project planning, budgeting, and resource management. Gain real-time insights into project costs and progress, fostering better decision-making and project outcomes

dynamics field service

Field Service

Optimize your field operations with strategic scheduling, resource allocation, and real-time service tracking. This module ensures your on-site work progresses without delays, enhancing overall productivity and operational efficiency


Simplify your sales processes with Dynamics 365's easy-to-follow process flows. With one central database, enhance lead management, opportunity tracking, and contract management. Streamline the creation, tracking, and revision of contracts, enabling your sales teams to close deals efficiently and boost conversion rates


Customer Service

Place customer satisfaction at the heart of your projects. Our customer service tools help you manage inquiries and resolve issues swiftly, ensuring every client interaction adds value and strengthens trust, crucial for long-term business success

Discover how Dynamics 365 Applications are transforming the construction industry! Download our free guide now and unlock the secrets to revolutionizing your projects.

BUILDFitters: Dynamics 365-backed Solution for AEC Companies

BUILDFitters is an all-in-one custom AEC software for professionals seeking efficient construction management solutions that not only streamline their business processes but also save time, energy, and effort through automation and error-proofing. Built on the reliable foundation of Dynamics 365 applications, the solution can seamlessly integrate with all Microsoft products. The robust software offers an array of features and an intuitive interface that eliminates the complexities of manual tasks, enabling companies to embrace a digital ecosystem tailored to the unique demands of the AEC industry.


  • Sales App


  • Project Management App
  • Vendor Qualification App


  • Project Management App
  • Foreman Capabilities
  • Field Admin


  • Project Management App
This image shows The Revolutionary Impact of AI in the AEC Industry
AI is reshaping the construction industry and can be the game-changer you need to take your business from reactive to proactive, enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and driving innovation. Read AlphaBOLD’s blog post to discover how integrating AI into your projects can transform challenges into opportunities.

Data Analytics for the AEC Industry

AlphaBOLD offers powerful BI dashboards and visualization tools that turn your project data with actionable insights that drive better decision-making, optimize resource allocation, and minimize project risks.
Sales Analytics Equipment Analytics Project Management Analytics
AEC companies can enhance their sales operations by tracking leads, managing opportunities, and making data-driven decisions. Analytics provide a comprehensive sales pipeline view, from lead generation to revenue realization and forecasting. This enables executive management to monitor sales activities, assess productivity, and evaluate the performance of team members through detailed reports, thereby optimizing the sales process and improving conversion rates.
By implementing analytics in equipment management, AEC firms can gain visibility into equipment movement across projects and sites. Project managers can track when, where, and how equipment is being used, which aids in managing equipment costs and optimizing resource allocation. This access to detailed data helps ensure that maintenance, repairs, and replacements are addressed proactively, minimizing downtime and preventing project delays.
Analytics tools in project management allow for detailed tracking of workforce time and management of timesheets, ensuring projects stay on schedule and within budget. Real-time data provides insights into time logged by trades, cost codes, and project phases. This supports compliance with various regulatory requirements, such as labor laws and trade-specific rules, and aids in workforce management, contributing to overall efficiency.

Connected AEC Solutions powered by Microsoft Dynamics

Schedule a consultation with AlphaBOLD’s AEC experts to transform your business from blueprint to built with a single platform.


What is the AEC Industry, and How is it Evolving with Technology?
The AEC industry, which encompasses sectors responsible for building and infrastructure design and creation, is undergoing a transformative evolution. AEC software technology offers smart, sustainable solutions for project management, collaboration, and operational efficiency, deeply rooted in emerging technologies such as AI, BI, IoT, and data analytics.
How Does Microsoft Dynamics for Construction Enhance AEC Operations?
Microsoft Dynamics for construction provides a comprehensive suite of cloud-based applications designed to streamline construction management aspects such as project control, financials, supply chain, and customer relations, all customized for the unique demands of the AEC industry.
What Benefits Does Microsoft Dynamics for Construction Offer to AEC Professionals?
Dynamics 365 equips construction professionals with robust tools for real-time collaboration, project oversight, and customer engagement. These tools empower them to manage complex projects with greater efficiency and precision.
How can AEC Technology Transform Traditional Construction Methods?
AEC software technology transforms traditional construction methods by automating processes, delivering real-time analytics, and enabling seamless communication throughout the construction project lifecycle.
What Strategies Should Companies Adopt When Implementing New Technologies Like Microsoft Dynamics for Construction?
AEC companies should prioritize staff training, change management, and the seamless integration of solutions like Microsoft Dynamics for construction into their existing workflows. This ensures a smooth transition to digital processes and maximizes ROI. Collaborating with a knowledgeable partner like AlphaBOLD can further ensure successful technology adoption and implementation.

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BUILDFitters is a packaged solution built for Architectural, Engineering, and Construction companies that connects teams out in the field directly to the office. BUILDFitters is designed to automate end-to-end processes and streamline Project Management, Sales, Inventory Management, On-field Operations, and much more.
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