Experience the next generation of customer service with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. A CRM-service is a cloud-based scalable platform designed to revolutionize customer relationship management.

CRM software services

AlphaBOLD has experience with various CRM software applications such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and can help customers automate their internal processes, such as marketing, sales, and customer services. With years of experience in CRM technology consulting, implementation, and support, we can help manage all your customer relationships in a unified platformAlphaBOLD specializes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM consulting services and is the winner of the 2021 MSUS Partner Award. 

Reduce manual effort across customer service, marketing, and sales. 

Increase sales productivity with an improved, automated solution. 

Optimize ROI with a solution that empowers your teams to go above and beyond. 

Unify your data to ensure easy access across departments and stakeholders. 

Enhance your user experience by streamlining overall business processes. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Solutions

Empower your team with the insights and freedom they need to thrive by connecting your data, processes, and teams with intelligent business applications. 

AlphaBOLD’s experts have the right skillset to help organizations optimize their business processes with Dynamics 365 Sales. From forecasting opportunities to accurate reporting capabilities to correctly categorizing lost/won opportunities, we can help you streamline your sales activities with Dynamics 365 for Sales. AlphaBOLD has helped many Fortune 500 companies manage their distributors, vendors, contractors, installers, and subcontractors throughout the sales process. 

Track customers and orders

Quote, order and invoice management

Sales forecasting and reporting templates

Mobile access for all the information

AlphaBOLD can help organizations increase customer loyalty by providing unparallel services fueled by Dynamics 365 Customer Service and add-ons such as Unified Service Desk. Organizations can provide real-time, proactive customer service through omnichannel communication platforms that enable integrated, efficient, and effective information tracking. 

Omni-channel customer service and ticket tracking

Reduced call time and higher first call resolution

Telephony integration for effective customer service

Guided navigation to find information faster

AlphaBOLD’s CRM experts can help organizations target the right audience, generate qualified leads, and manage funnels with Dynamics 365 Marketing. With AlphaBOLD’s strategic marketing and technical expertise, we are uniquely placed to implement Dynamics 365 for marketing in a way that empowers organizations to achieve their goals. 

Unified platform for marketing and sales

AI driven personalized customer experience

Holistic customer experience

Real time tracking for personalized journey

AlphaBOLD’s experts can help organizations leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service capabilities to deliver enhanced, and automated solutions. We provide digital assistance through intelligent scheduling, remote asset monitoring, and process transparency. We can help optimize your manufacturing operations. 

Reduce maintenance cost with predictive maintenance

Acquire easy insights for engineers to plan maintenance

Automatically dispatch field agents for maintenance

Determine total production capacity, order fulfillment and maintenance costs

AlphaBOLD can help organizations gain visibility into key operations such as project planning, resource utilization and optimization, opportunity management and project billing with Dynamics 365 Project Operations. With a transparent project flow and a fully adaptable platform, organizations can improve collaboration and project efficiency. 

Build customer trust with a unified, adaptable platform

Personalize customer experiences with AI

Provide a holistic customer experience

Engage with customers in real time for personalized journeys

AlphaBOLD’s CRM Solutions

Behavioral CRM is a connected system that enables sales and marketing to work together efficiently. The solution provides users with improved insights and efficient sales collaboration, thus empowering them to execute the sales strategy effectively. With tailored information, improved tracking, access to data, and time efficiency, the Behavioral CRM improves the overall sales and profitability of the company. 

Why do you need CRM technology?

Today’s economy is driven by customer experiences. Tailored experiences, customized solutions, and personalization are the market differentiators that can help an organization to stand out from the competition. CRM technology solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM can help companies create streamlined process flows that provide a seamless customer experience. 

Better data organization for improved efficiency 

Simplified processes for seamless experience. 

Better customer understanding and reduced tickets 

Improved communication and real-time updates 

Readily available customer feedback 

Microsoft Consulting Services for your business

AlphaBOLD is a leading Microsoft consulting services provider with years of experience in its corner. Not only have we implemented various Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 solutions, but we have also won the MSUS Partner Award for customer service. Our Microsoft consulting services can help spark digital transformation for global organizations.  

Why choose AlphaBOLD as your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultant?

As part of AlphaBOLD’s ongoing partnership with Microsoft, we continue to provide Microsoft Dynamics 365 consulting solutions to clients across the globe. With years of experience in Dynamics 365 CRM implementation and customization, AlphaBOLD’s dynamics CRM 365 experts have the right knowledge and skills to ensure your organization’s specific needs are met. With a broad range of industry experience, we have a unique perspective that can be valuable in developing the solution Your organization needs to grow and adapt to the market changes.  

Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultants know Dynamics 365 in and out. Start your journey with us today. 

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