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Our goal is to help you grow by leveraging the latest business technologies.
Businesses reach out to AlphaBOLD for various reasons; sometimes, they are looking for help with specific platforms (such as NetSuite, SharePoint or Microsoft Dynamics); predominantly though, they are seeking solutions that require unique business and technology expertise. These solutions are often system agnostic, amalgamations of various technologies.

One-Stop Digital Agency

AlphaBOLD is an innovative technology consultancy firm focusing on building solutions that overcome the modern challenges faced by our customers. With expertise and collective knowledge in various fields, we are uniquely placed to help our clients overcome the business challenges they face today, tomorrow, or in the future.
We want to be your one-stop-shop for IT Consulting Services. We believe that by listening to your needs and by understanding your business challenges; we can apply our knowledge of technology to remove any obstacles that can slow you down.

How can we help?

When you reach out to us, we connect you with our engagement managers. These business analysts spend time understanding your organization, your business strategy, and your plans. Once we have identified a gap that technology can solve, we make one (or more) of our practice managers a part of this conversation.

Our Approach

It is important to note that we are interested in long-term partnerships with our clients; we want you to be a part of BOLD Community! For this reason, we offer cost-free* consultations so that both parties can be certain that their partnership is mutually beneficial before committing to any future engagement. At AlphaBOLD, we prefer taking a phased approach to anything that we do. By breaking up large projects into smaller chunks (phases), we can:
Infographics show the AlphaBOLD Approach

Our Methodology

Why We Are different

There are several reasons why you should ‘make the right choice’ and partner with AlphaBOLD.

Size, culture & expertise

We are both small enough and big enough to give you the right level of attention and care at a fair price, which larger consulting companies simply cannot pull off. We are an international and diverse organization with a global clientele. Our diversity offers a unique, international perspective to technical and business problems which is invaluable in today’s interconnected global market. Lastly, our analysts possess experience across multitude of industries and business sectors; this means that we will incorporate the leading practices for your industry in every solution that we present to you.
Infographics show the Size-culture-expertise

True Technology company

AlphaBOLD is a true technology company. Our highly skilled staff allows us to build platforms from scratch and / or assist with the existing platforms. We can write software, test your hardware in the IOT setting, conceptualize and construct complex machine learning / AI algorithms, build a block-chain ledger to suit your industry-specific needs; By the same token, we can optimize your Chart of Accounts (COA), help you manage your inventory better, connect your business applications, implement your ERP or CRM system, set up your IT infrastructure. Regardless of your revenue and your company size there will certainly be an area where you can benefit from our technology advice.

No one is left behind

We built AlphaBOLD by helping and supporting organizations that face difficult challenges. By assisting various organizations through demanding journeys, we establish meaningful and long-lasting relationships that help us build something we call, BOLDCommunity. In BOLDCommunity, we strive to stay accountable to each other, our partners, our clients and our vendors. In BOLDCommunity, we also give back to disadvantaged and organizations who support them; this is our BOLDBelief.

Build it once

Our mantra is to ‘do it once’. When we solve a business problem through technology, we try to leverage it as a packaged solution for additional projects. This helps us be more efficient when we are trying to help customers. All problems are unique, but underlying processes are similar. We try to learn from our experience so we could focus on 10x productivity gains rather than starting from scratch every time we work with our customers.


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