Courses & Programs Offered

BOLDBus offers a dynamic set of courses and training programs designed to ignite a passion for STEM in students from 5th to 12th grade (A-level). Through engaging in hands-on activities, interactive workshops, and project-based learning.

Our courses are:

Scratch Programming for Beginners

Scratch program uses drag-and-drop blocks to make learning to code fun and engaging. Build your own games, animations, and more, all while mastering essential coding concepts like loops, variables, and conditional statements. Students can explore:

  • Build games and animations
  • Master coding fundamentals
  • Apply math concepts
  • Develop creativity and artistic skills

Basic Electronics

This course is the learner’s gateway to robotics and what powers them! Students will explore the fundamental principles of both robotics and electronics, laying the groundwork for building their own creations. Students will:
  • Master TinkerCAD
  • Demystify components like resistors, capacitors, and transistors
  • Build and program basic circuits using popular microcontroller boards like Micro:bit and Arduino.
  • Experience with digital and analog inputs & outputs
  • Become a project builder

Two Year Program

BOLDBus Robotics & Electronics offers a two-year program designed to transform learners from curious beginners into a confident robotics and electronics creators. Throughout the program, they will gain a deep understanding of the core principles that make robotics and the electronics that bring them to life.

But BOLDBus doesn’t stop at theory! Students will put newfound knowledge to the test by designing and building practical projects with real-world applications. Imagine creating automatic street lights, sophisticated burglar alarms, or innovative smart parking systems! This program is further categorized into 10 courses:

Over the past 2 years, we have served more than 150+ students!

Every one of these students has a story, a past, and a future. Give these students a gift of future-ready skills!

Latest Updates

Scholar School System

We successfully delivered 60 intensive sessions of Edvon’s Scratch Programming Level 1 to enrolled students. Together, we have taken a significant step forward in empowering the next generation with essential digital skills and preparing them to thrive in the digital age.

Allied School System

With 130 students successfully completing the 80-session program (Basic Electronics), our commitment to providing quality education in electronics is evident. Additionally, 31 students are enrolled in Two-Year Robotics Program at Allied School System.

Chand Bagh School

Recently, we conducted a two-day workshop on ‘Obstacle Avoiding Robotic Car with Arduino and C++’ at Chand Bagh School. This initiative aimed to enhance students’ practical knowledge in robotics and programming.