Everything Your Need To Know About Behavioral CRM

Take a contextual approach to improve sales results by utilizing customer insights and orchestrating the customer journey specific to sales initiatives.

  • Tailor-made role specific information
  • Tracking based on region and role
  • Campaign-focused data based on changing trends

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Why Companies Should Choose Behavioral CRM
over Traditional CRM Systems?

With an increase in competition and limited time to devote to business development, issues such as disjointed departments, poor communication, and lack of meaningful insights constitute as the key hurdles for users relying on traditional CRM.

Traditional CRM systems merely act as data repository to access prospect and customer data rather than systems that help drive behavior. They do not enable sales management to execute sales strategy effectively through effective user experience for sales agents/representatives. Due to this, your customers fail to understand your company’s value proposition.

The following aspects of traditional CRM account for the reason why sales and marketing teams remain unable to generate sales and end up losing valuable customers:

Traditional CRM Systems

Lack of sales and market insight

Lack of sales and market insight

Ineffective communication between departments and clients

Ineffective communication between departments and clients

Inefficient sales collaboration

Inefficient sales collaboration

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Features of AlphaBOLD's Behavioral CRM

To overcome the shortcomings of traditional CRM system, AlphaBOLD has introduced behavioral CRM to help sales agents leverage connected systems for achieving greater success. With integrated systems, behavioral CRM enables sales and marketing team to have all the insights to collaborate and generate sales by offering:

  • Information tailored to a specific role, presented in a way that is specific to that role.
  • Tracking of goals and progress by region and role
  • Applications that enable marketing to serve content to sales that is specific to a campaign.
  • Behavioral application that shows statistics and trends in context of a specific strategic initiative.
  • Ability for sales team to timely execute on tasks assigned by managers for specific roles.

AlphaBOLD's Behavioral CRM



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