AlphaBOLD revamps JWC Environmental’s contact center solution

How AlphaBOLD helped JWC Environmental effectively revamp their contact center solution. 

Industry: Manufacturing Technologies & tools used: Unified Service Desk

About JWC Environmental 

JWC Environmental was founded in Southern California in 1973 and is primarily known for manufacturing waste shredders and notorious screening systems – the most prominent of which is the Muffin Monster®. 

With over 40,000 products being shipped across the globe, JWC has received 70+ patents for product innovation. JWC offers its clients over 200 distinct types of products and solutions and has ISO-certified factories spread across the US, UK, and China. Furthermore, JWC also has a global network of partners who provide sales and support services to local customers. JWC aims to solve the many waste reduction and recycling challenges faced in today’s environmental landscape.  

About AlphaBOLD

AlphaBOLD is a technology services company headquartered in Carlsbad, California. We aim to use technology to solve complex business problems. AlphaBOLD specializes in a range of Microsoft services such as Dynamics 365, SharePoint, BI, AI, IoT, DevOps, and Oracle NetSuite solutions. AlphaBOLD also provides custom solutions for clients from various industries. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, AlphaBOLD has delivered 200+ successful projects.  

AlphaBOLD is committed to redefining success in consulting by enabling its worldwide customer base with digital transformation through harmonizing people, business processes, and technology innovation. 


As JWC Environmental won acclaim globally for their innovative offerings, it became inevitable for them to ensure that their internal business processes reflected quality and efficient customer services management. They wanted to enhance their customer service process flow to streamline the way they did business.  

  • Outdated Customer Service: 

Before AlphaBOLD stepped in, JWC Environmental experienced significant limitations in managing their customers’ installations, tickets, and complaint requests. Their in-house call center system was outdated and did not allow much room for innovation. Technicians had to spend hours navigating through the system to find relevant information as the system did not support any advanced functionalities such as lookup for customer information or custom fields. This meant that cases were assigned manually, which made the overall process slow. 

  • Disconnected & Delayed Processes: 

Furthermore, manually checking the customer service representative’s workload before assigning new cases wasted a great degree of time that the managers could invest in more pressing tasks. They were using multiple systems to manage their customer service processes which made the flow disconnected and resulted in unnecessary delays and information loss. 

  • Reliance on Manual Case Management: 

Their technicians were forced to store and share case-related images manually in local folders. The lack of proper case management and business flow led JWC to seek help from AlphaBOLD. 


Utilizing Microsoft Unified Service Desk for JWC – Enter AlphaBOLD 

AlphaBOLD and the JWC team worked together to address these challenges by streamlining customer service. After preliminary discussions, both parties concluded that Microsoft’s Unified Service Desk (USD) would work as the most appropriate solution for JWC’s customer service revamp. 

Unified Service Desk is an add-on and a model-driven app provided by Microsoft to build applications and integrations with Call center telephony systems. Call center agents can utilize USD powered by Dynamics 365 common data service to use customer information for addressing issues and inquiries effectively.  

Establishing USD & Dynamics 365 for JWCE: 

AlphaBOLD wanted to leverage the power of USD and Dynamics 365 to enhance the overall productivity of JWC call center technicians. With USD, the JWC team could solely focus on their customer service as the necessary case information would be readily available. This would not only save the hours they spent on navigating and clicking through their in-house solution, but it would also save average handling time and money. Furthermore, USD enabled JWC call center teams to open multiple tabs in the same session, giving them a 360′ view of client information and history. This significantly reduced the time spent on fetching customer data and allowed JWC to improve its overall customer service. 

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Secure Data Importation:  

The most significant task for AlphaBOLD was to securely import the data from JWC’s in-house contact center solution to the USD. This was particularly challenging due to the number of fields involved. It required effective collaboration between the two parties, but AlphaBOLD was able to execute the import seamlessly. 

Customized & Automated Workflow: 

Furthermore, AlphaBOLD was able to give JWC Environmental an easy-to-use and efficient service platform with USD. AlphaBOLD implemented cases with a business process flow tailored to their daily requirements. Auto assignment features were also introduced for their cases to eliminate manual processes. Cases were now assigned directly according to type and territory. Additionally, AlphaBOLD created a custom activity entity for JWC’s field trip reports and empowered the technicians to store and share case-related images on Microsoft SharePoint. A new functionality was also added to the field trip reports when they were marked complete. An automated workflow would run, creating an email sent to the stakeholders concerned, with a report and the thumbnails of the pictures. They could also print these with reports since they were saved in SharePoint. Their overall system was no longer disparate as technicians now only needed to use USD to manage their customer service instead of using multiple systems efficiently. 

Integration of Existing ERP with USD: 

AlphaBOLD also integrated their ERP system with USD to ensure that critical information such as bill of materials (BOM) and order data was readily available to the JWC team. In addition to that, by leveraging customer service module, AlphaBOLD helped the JWC technicians access their cases through their own devices such as phones and tablets to view their cases, enter field trip reports, and upload case-related data and images to SharePoint. 


These new functionalities and capabilities allowed JWC Environmental to have an integrated, efficient flow that opened innovation possibilities.

AlphaBOLD checked in with the JWC technicians after every phase was implemented to ensure effective execution. JWC now enjoys a more time and cost-efficient management of incoming client requests and can focus on growth, innovation, and quality. 

“AlphaBOLD’s team has helped us revamp our entire contact center solution and assisted us in creating a process flow that aligns with our primary goals. By implementing Unified Service Desk for us, AlphaBOLD has helped us significantly reduce costs and time wastage while improving resource utilization. We believe AlphaBOLD to be a trusted advisor and solution provider!”

- Greg Queen, President, JWC Environmental. 

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