BOLD QA (Quality Assurance) – Road to Success

Software quality assurance is the most important part of the software development and delivery process. The software quality assurance process is like an intensive care unit. It tests, caters to, and perfects a software before enabling it for successful market dominance.  

The software quality assurance process starts after a product or application is created and its specifications are defined and documented.  

The software quality department assures that the product/application in question will work well in the practical world.  

In this article, we will cover how AlphaBOLD’s QA practice helps in guaranteeing your business success 

The Practice:  

AlphaBOLD’s QA practice focuses on having a testing process that analyzes, revolutionizes, and ensures the application/product. We focus on delivering products that dominate the target market. 

We have different QA services in place that act individually or to achieve maximum results for our clients 

Our QA Practice comprises of:

  • Functional Testing Services 
  • Automation Testing Services 
  • Responsive Testing Services 
  • Usability Testing Services 
  • Performance Testing Services 
  • Security Testing Services 

AlphaBOLD offers individual and customized services to the clients based on their exact needs. Usually, our expert QA team will recommend the types of testing that are suited to our client’s products, and sometimes the clients will come to us with their demands for a customized software quality assurance process. 

Our QA team is made up of talented BOLDEnthusiasts, who analyze the current market trends and sometimes mold the QA processes in a way that is a step ahead of the current market trends. 

We believe that software quality assurance is continuous and that it starts with the software development lifecycle. The BOLD QA practice considers internal evaluation such as flexibility, complexity, readability, structure, testability, and coding practices, integral to the testing process. By doing so, we ensure that the external factors, such as reliability, efficiency, maintenance cost, and time to market are efficiently achieved. 

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The Approach: 

AlphaBOLD’s BOLD Route methodology encompasses years of experience and thus is putting AlphaBOLD on the map for advanced QA services. Our QA professionals have designed a comprehensive list that has proven successful from time to time. With this approach to testing, AlphaBOLD has become a leader in software testing with many years of experience in various industry verticals. Typicallyit is established that testing would start right after coding is completed. However, we have shifted the paradigm; we start the test engagement right from the project’s inception.

Implementing a bug prevention strategy from the start of the designing phase helps the team focus more on the application architecture and other parameters rather than fearing critical or unknown bugs. Comprehensive documentation is done to ensure that maximum risks are documented, and mitigation plans are in place 

The idea is to ensure that there are no bugs in the application. However, if any bugs are found, the testing process will focus on the critical bugs first, and then address the minor ones. 

Even though all project phases are essential for the success of the product/service, a project’s user experience is a crucial determinant for its performance in the market. Therefore, companies usually assign specialized teams to takes care of the user experience for the product/service.  

The team is responsible for improving the user experience shares feedback at an early stage to ensure that any problems with the product/service are taken care of properly. 

At AlphaBOLD, we believe in the combination of test coverage and code coverage processes for efficient product testing. Our QA experts are focus on both parameters to avoid mistakes and rework. 

Our experts are well equipped, trained and experienced in exploring small test cases with bigger application impacts to act smart. 

Automation is a new industry trend and has many benefits such as improving efficiency by minimizing human error and increasing test execution speed. AlphaBOLD has many QA experts who specialize in automation testing. They analyze its effectiveness through certain parameters and inject it wherever there are chances to scale the efforts.   

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Delivering a good product at the right time for the right audience is always challenging. However, by opting for AlphaBOLD’s QA services, many clients have achieved product success. As the market becomes saturated, a company’s survival depends on making a difference. AlphaBOLD’s QA practice helps businesses succeed by creating a market impact. If you would like to find out more about AlphaBOLD’s QA practice, contact us today!