Non-Interactive User with Dynamics 365

Most of the Dynamics CRM community is well aware of non-interactive user and how it works. I will skip that piece as there is ton of information available on that online. However, one issue that I have run into often as we have on-boarded new clients is that their integration stops working every month. Moreover, I still see integration user not setup as non-interactive user in CRM which means that Customers are still paying for the license. This blog will address these two concerns.

  1. Setup integration user ([email protected]) in Office 365 portal and assign CRM online license.
  2. Setup  integration user in CRM and assign security role required for your integration requirements.
  3. Office 365 requires the changes to synchronize between CRM and Office 365. Make sure you wait before you follow additional steps.
  4. Change the access mode for user in CRM to “non-interactive”
  5. Wait for this change in CRM to register with Office 365 and then remove user license from Office 365.
  6. Make sure you test your integration after this change. Integration should continue to work.
  1. Most common reason for the integration to stop working is because of password expiration. Office 365 user passwords expire every month which is good for interactive users but not required for integration user. Change the integration user password policy to never expire.
  2. Use this PowerShell to set password to never expire. You will need MSFT Azure Active Directory PowerShell for this.

If you have any question or queries, do not hesitate to reach out to us