BOLD-HI Solution

BOLD-HI is a sentiment analysis, Natural Language Processing software that is used to identify and extract opinions and customer reviews from the customer interaction. It uses machine learning techniques to analyze and correctly predict the sentiment of a customer by collecting the data. It is an add-on tool which can easily be installed on top of Dynamics 365 for Sales with a few clicks.   

Customer Happiness Index and Microsoft Dynamics 365 

It is a solution developed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics CRM users and calculates the satisfaction level of your customers by analyzing the communication channel specified Following is an overview of the solution and a few pointers on how it can be beneficial.  


BOLD-HI is based on AI and makes use of the Account and Contacts entity of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The algorithm is built in such a way that when an account or a contact receives certain communication, our solution analyzes the text and bounces the keywords against Machine Learning tool to get a score against it. After then, based on the received score, BOLD-HI classifies the customer as either happy, unhappy or neutral.  

The most prominent feature of BOLD-HI is its ease of implementation and use. The solution is self-capable i.e. when you receive certain communication artifact, it calculates the CHI score itself and displays the relevant emoticon on the screen automatically. However, on the back-end, it carefully interprets customer communication and calculates the accurate score. Hence, the user will be able to know the satisfaction level of the customers easily.  

User Interface 

The interactive user interface serves as one of the most prominent features. It doesn’t make the CHI score boring and difficult to understand but operates in terms of emoticons instead.  

  • If it contains positive feedback, then a happy emoticon will appear on the top.

positive feedback

  • If the customer is somewhat satisfied but isn’t a fan of your service, then it will give you a neutral emoticon. This is an indication that you need to improve your service.

BOLD-Hi neutral emoticon

  • The unhappy get poor score and an angry emoticon.

unhappy customer analysis

Another interesting BOLD-HI feature is that you can view the customer happiness index of all the accounts and contacts in a single view and the CHI will be in the form of emoticons.

customer happiness index

BOLD-HI Installation 

As BOLD-HI is a managed solution, it is a straightforward add-on to install on dynamics CRM. All you will have to do is configure it after installation. After that, the emoji section will be added at top of Account and Contact form. No other configuration is needed.

BOLD-HI Installation


BOLD-HI is an intelligent solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM users for calculation of happiness index of contacts and accounts. Here are its key benefits: 

  • Identifies unhappy customers and give you the chance to improve your customer care services  
  • Predicts the opinion of a customer accurately hence aids in customer retention  
  • Allows you to maintain the quality of the services being provided for the satisfied customers  
  • Targets customers for whom you need to improve your services for 
  • Accurately determines your key promoters and detractors  
  • Gives you a probability of whether your customer will recommend you to his friends or not  
  • Assists in offering the best customer care service to drive good profits overall 

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