Working with AlphaBOLD, Netronix Integration achieved project management success powered by BOLDSuite Analytics.

A US-based global security integration leader with five companies in its corporate portfolio, Netronix Integration, Inc., realized that it lacked a consolidated approach to project management within its ERP system. Without a proper process in place to measure and evaluate the progress of its ongoing operations in NetSuite, the company was spending hours manually creating, managing, and updating reports in Excel. And with no proper tool to measure key performance indicators (KPIs), obtaining an accurate picture of project performance was difficult and inconsistent.
Netronix turned to AlphaBOLD to help connect its real-time NetSuite data with Power BI’s, analytics, reporting, and data visualization technologies through their BOLDSuite Analytics Project Management dashboard.

BOLDSuite Analytics: Transforming transparency

The BOLDSuite Analytics solution uses AlphaBOLD’s proprietary NetSuite data connector to pull the ERP’s data for use by Power BI. In the case of Netronix, AlphaBOLD used its Project Management dashboard to provide a complete breakdown of complex project data with drill-down charts and graphs. Equipped with this information, Netronix’s team can track outcomes in real-time for faster decision making, keeping projects on schedule and budget, and analyzing data to understand specific patterns, discrepancies, and trends.

Designed with NetSuite’s data structure in mind, BOLDSuite Analytics easily adapts to any company’s environment, ensuring that its data never leaves the organization. The REST-based connection to NetSuite pulls either workbook or/ saved search data to deliver full and incremental refreshes. Moreover, BOLDSuite Analytics helps Netronix handle large datasets and opt for self-service BI—which it didn’t possess before AlphaBOLD stepped in, all .with OAuth 2.0 authentication support.

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Achieving project management success

"The AlphaBOLD team spent time with us to understand our business problem and proposed a solution that would help us overcome our current challenges and enhance our operations overall,” said Ivan Golian, VP of Technology. “With the BOLDSuite Analytics Project Management report in place, we now have a much clearer view of project data without undergoing weeks of complicated training sessions or materials."

With BOLDSuite Analytics as its reporting solution, Netronix enjoys a very detailed project data approach. AlphaBOLD’s solution helps the company pull data into Power BI and streamline reporting capabilities to track budgets, costs, and statuses.

Using the Project Management dashboard, they keeps things in check and improves project timelines, resource utilization/performance and profitability. These new capabilities help reduce project failures and contribute to the company’s overall growth and progress. The Netronix team now enjoys clear visibility into critical project processes with:

With a detailed breakdown of actual vs. labor hours at their fingertips, Netronix’s project managers can easily track employee performance and productivity. The project management dashboard also provides a clear view of materials being used vs. expected materials, and helps the company accurately determine the timeline for project completion.

"BOLDSuite Analytics works perfectly with our organization,” said Rich Lyman, VP of Strategic Initiatives. “It allows us to track KPIs and streamline our overall project data. With this solution in place, we can now track costs, isolate discrepancies, and become a much more proactive organization."