Document Management implementation using Content Types in SharePoint – Part 3

In part 2 we have associate metadata columns with content types and content with Document Library.

In this part, we will configure document search inside Document Library using metadata columns.


Add meta Data Navigation (to find documents in SharePoint Lists and document libraries)

To start searching documents in our DMS, we must activate “Metadata Navigation and Filtering” feature and configure filters.

How to Activate Metadata Navigation feature?

  1. From gear icon, go to site settings
    Metadata Navigation feature
  2. Under site actions, click on manage site features
    manage site features
  3. Locate the “Metadata Navigation and Filtering” feature and click on activate
    metadata Filtering

Configure Metadata navigation settings.

  1. Go to library settings, you will see Metadata navigation settings. (This option now appears after activating Metadata Navigation feature). Click on Metadata Navigation settings.
    Configure Metadata navigation
  2. On next screen scroll, in “Available Key filters Fields”, select one or more fields as your filter and click add.
    Available Key filters Fields
  3. Click OK.

Note: The following list shows the column types that the key Filters control can use as fields:

  • Managed Metadata
  • Content Type
  • Choice
  • Person or Group
  • Date and Time
  • Number


Upload and categorize documents

Now, we will upload document and one can notice that in addition with regular metadata columns we also have content type drop-down. Once we toggle between them, metadata columns will adjust automatically.

Template Category Document:

Available Key filters Fields

Policy Content Type:

Policy Content Type

Employee Record Content Type:

Employee Record Content Type

Search document based on metadata filters

Below are some cases to show document search based on metadata filter:

Case 1: Search for Resignation Letter document based on “Resignation Letter” metadata when its value is “After Probation”.

After Probation

Case 2: Search for Medical Policy document based on “Medical Policy” metadata when its value is “Inpatient”.

Medical Policy metadata InpatientCurrent Employee metadata

Case 3: Search for Current Employee document based on “Current Employee” metadata when its value is “Shaur Asar”.

That’s it we are all done with our SharePoint DMS. Enjoy a good user experience with SharePoint DMS.


In this series of 3 blogs, we have learnt that we can not only categorize our documents at the time of uploading but we can also search documents based on metadata (columns). Most importantly, we can achieve all of this by using SharePoint features/functionality without the need of custom development.


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