Digitization is the new trend for the manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry is facing many new, multidimensional challenges. Recent trends like a global workforce, contract manufacturing, green manufacturing, etc., have forced manufacturing businesses to evaluate their current practices and optimize how they do business. Manufacturers can no longer conduct their operations using old technologies.
Digital tools and modern technologies can help manufacturers gain a competitive edge. This move towards digitization is made possible with innovative solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365. Microsoft Dynamics 365 features many advanced tools that empower manufacturing organizations to tackle the growing challenges of competitive and digitized market with strong customer satisfaction and optimized productivity.
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Industry 4.0 tools for your manufacturing business

AlphaBOLD has utilized Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales, customer service, marketing, project operations, and field service modules to create packaged solutions that facilitate digital transformation by eliminating outdated business processes with consolidated data, increased collaboration, automation, advanced operational insights, and real-time control within a single platform.

Microsoft business applications for manufacturing

Empower your team with the insights and freedom they need to thrive by connecting your data, processes, and teams with intelligent business applications. 

AlphaBOLD’s experts have the right skillset to help manufacturers optimize their business processes with Dynamics 365 Sales. From forecasting opportunities to accurate reporting capabilities to correctly categorizing lost/won opportunities, we can help you streamline your sales activities with Dynamics 365 for manufacturing.
AlphaBOLD has helped many Fortune 500 manufacturing companies manage their distributors, vendors, contractors, installers, and subcontractors throughout the sales process.
  • Track customers and orders

  • Quote, order and invoice management

  • Sales forecasting and reporting templates

  • Mobile access for all the information

  • Automation for late order tracking, freight amounts and shipment tracking

AlphaBOLD can help manufacturers increase customer loyalty by providing unparalleled services fueled by Dynamics 365 Customer Service and add-ons such as Unified Service Desk. Manufacturers can provide real-time, proactive customer service through omnichannel communication platforms that enable integrated, efficient, and effective information tracking.
  • Omni-channel customer service and ticket tracking

  • Reduced call time and higher first call resolution

  • Telephony integration for effective customer service

  • Guided navigation to find information faster

  • Knowledge base and bots for self-service

AlphaBOLD’s CRM experts can help manufacturers target the right audience, generate qualified leads, and manage funnels with Dynamics 365 Marketing. With AlphaBOLD’s strategic marketing and technical expertise, we are uniquely placed to implement Dynamics 365 for marketing in a way that empowers manufacturers to reach their goals.
  • Unified platform for marketing and sales

  • AI driven personalized customer experience

  • Holistic customer experience

  • Real-time tracking for personalized journey

  • Customer insights and AI based recommendations

AlphaBOLD’s experts can help manufacturers leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service capabilities to deliver enhanced, automated solutions with IoT and machine learning tools. We provide digital assistance through intelligent scheduling, remote asset monitoring, and process transparency. We can help optimize your manufacturing operations.
  • Reduce maintenance cost with predictive maintenance

  • Easy insights for engineers to plan maintenance

  • Automatically dispatch field agents for maintenance

  • Determines total production capacity, order fulfillment and maintenance costs

  • Corrective measures based upon data trends

Complex Dynamics 365 manufacturing implementations