Hiring and retaining top talent is the most important aspect of human resource management in any organization. An HR department needs robust processes and systems to manage employee career paths and effectively track and maintain employee profiles. HRMS (Human Resource Management System) or HRIS (Human Resource Information System) systems are helpful in effective task management to eliminate redundancies, secure data tracking and employee data management.  

Microsoft offers a solution called “Dynamics 365 Human Resources” to manage and effectively implement all the core tasks of human resources for any organization. It helps us accomplish operational excellence, drive consistency, centralize the workforce to drive better decisions, optimization of processes and provide insights using AI and analytics. 

There are different modules available in Dynamics 365 HR, which provide a specific set of actions. A few of them are briefly discussed in this article. 


Employees can manage and view their data using Employee Self Service (ESS) in Dynamics 365 HR. This includes managing employees’ personal profile information, educational information, certification & training, managing skills & competencies, and keeping track of leaves & absence.  


Like ESS, Microsoft offers a complete dashboard for Managers known as, Manager self-service (MSS). It empowers managers to manage, view, and analyze their team directly using this dashboard. All necessary information is in the custody of relevant Departments/Managers. Data dependency is not limited to a specific department; in fact, all relevant and required information is available to make effective and timely decisions.  


The Human Resource department can efficiently handle core tasks using this software like recruitment and selection, onboardings, offboarding’s, transitions, organizational hierarchy, etc. There are multiple workflows available to ensure that all necessary approvals are required to finalize HR processes.  


This module helps to set up and configure different compensation programs being offered by the organization. It helps keep track of all plans and record salaries to ensure compliance with the policies and provide guidelines to ensure all information related to variable salary, incentives, shares, and bonuses are also stored properly and provide reporting capabilities for analysis.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps an organization manage its employees’ leaves and absences using this module by using a customized accrual method. Furthermore, all the leave requests can be viewed in the calendar; the HR Department or team leads can access this information anytime.  


Finding and recruiting the best talent is now a challenge for every organization. Companies are also struggling to retain their employees due to tough competition. Both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation play a vital role for an employee to work with any company for a long time. This module will help an organization to prepare customized employees’ long-term and short-term benefits plans accordingly. 


Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR helps the organization to conduct and manage its reviews and performance appraisal using this module. It will also help HR record employee performance and prepare their career path, growth plan, and personal development plan by using these statistics.  


D365 HR gives HR Resources the capability to arrange courses for employees and managers for their personal development. It will also be beneficial for HR while preparing their training and development objectives. Through gap analysis, managers can identify areas of improvement for their subordinates and assign them a task to learn these skills and competencies for future growth, aligned with their company’s objectives. 


Microsoft dynamics 365 HR offers a comprehensive solution for any organization to opt and implement its HR functions. This innovative solution will not only help you save a lot of time, but it will also help reduce turnover and increase employee morale by setting employee friendly policies and procedures.