Dynamics 365 Integration with Twilio using Microsoft Flow

In this blog we will try to achieve the way to send the SMS to newly created record in Dynamics 365 CRM with the help of Microsoft Flow and Twilio. So, whenever a record is created in Dynamics 365 CRM, we will send a message.

Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow is certainly the incipient buzzword in the Microsoft Dynamics industry. The integration between Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Flow designates that we can develop many cool functionalities, including SMS Integration, approval processes, SharePoint integration, and social media platform integrations.

Microsoft Flow is a cloud-based software that sanctions employees to automate workflows across multiple applications without the involvement of a developer. Automated workflows are called flows. To instantiate a flow, flow designer designates what action should take place when an event occurs.


Twilio is a cloud-based carrier that enables powerful communication between mobile devices, applications, services, and systems at some stage in the enterprise it successfully bridges the gap among conventional conversations.

Twilio seeks to rid businesses of the messy telecom hardware with the aid of offering a telephony infrastructure internet provider through a cloud api, allowing web developers to use fashionable net languages to integrate smartphone calls, textual content messages and ip voice communications into their net, cellular and conventional cellphone packages.

Steps to integrate Twilio in Dynamics 365 using Microsoft Flow

Step 1: We will create Twilio Account for our scenarios. Go to https://www.twilio.com/ and create an account. Once completed, you will see the below screen.

integrate Twilio in Dynamics 365

Step 2: Also note the “ACCOUNT SID” and also “AUTH TOKEN” as we will be utilizing it later for the connectivity with Twilio.

Step 3: Now we need to add the number that is utilized for the sending of SMS. Go to link https://www.twilio.com/console/phone-numbers/incoming and click on “Add Number”. You will see below screen.

Step 4: After completing the above process, you will see the newly created number in the grid as shown in the below image. After this, Twilio related configuration will be completed and all you have to do is to copy the number as it will be needed afterwards.

Step 5: Now Login to Microsoft flow and you will see below screen after the login.

Step 6: Now Go to My Flows > click on New > click on Create from blank as shown below

Step 7: After that we will select the trigger that we want to use in this scenario. we will be using “When a record is created” as highlighted in below image.

Step 8: Now we will select the “Organization Name” as well as the “Entity Name” that we want to utilize in our scenario while we are using Contact.

Step 9: Now you will see below screen click on “New step” to add an action.

Step 10: After that, we will select the “Twilio” as a connector in the step as shown in below image.

Step 11: Now, we will provide the values that we copied while we were creating “Twilio” account as shown in below image.

Step 12: Once we have performed the above-mentioned step, we will select Action from the Twilio that we want to utilize in our scenario. It will be “Send Text Messages (SMS)”. You can see this in the image given below.

Step 13: Later on, we will fill in the required fields that are either selected from the CRM record or like the “From Phone Number” that is hard coded number as shown in above image.

 Step 14: Now, we will run the Flow and all the history can be seen in below screen.


I hope this blog proves to be helpful.


So, here in this blog, we have accomplished the sending of SMS when we create a record in Dynamics 365 with the help of Twilio and Microsoft Flow as the connector between Dynamics 365 and Twilio. If you have any question or queries, do not hesitate to reach out to us