Live Webinar: Dynamics 365 Marketing – The Journey Begins

AlphaBOLD recently held a live webinar on Dynamics 365 for Marketing, and as always, it was a hit. If you missed it, you could benefit from watching the webinar recording, but if it is not your thing, read on to find a complete summary of our on-demand webinar!  

In this webinar, our strategic sales expert, Nick Craig, was joined by our Senior Dynamics 365 consultant, Daniel Gonet. Together they explored how Dynamics 365 for marketing can help our current and potential customers with the following:  

  1. Managing leads from initial contact to purchase. 
  2. Evaluating their company to come up with a demand strategy. 
  3. Aligning sales and marketing and make informed decisions. 
  4. Tailoring marketing experiences based on how customers interact with the brand. 

What is Dynamics 365 for Marketing? 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for marketing is a powerful tool that empowers organizations to personal buyer experiences. Various features and capabilities allow companies to orchestrate customer journeys, align sales and marketing teams, make quick and intelligent decisions, and scale with an adaptable platform. Dynamics 365 will enable companies to nurture sales-ready leads helping them take their marketing and sales journey forward. 

Common Industry Challenges:  

In the webinar, our experts discussed how Dynamics 365 for Marketing can help companies overcome common industry challenges such as:  

  • Disconnected tools and processes 
  • Lack of insights to improve results 
  • Automation challenges 
  • Futile blanket emails 
  • Scattered customer data 
  • Remote workforce challenges 
  • Disengaged client interactions 
  • Broken customer experience 

What did our attendees learn? 

What did our attendees learn? 

Our experts helped our attendees learn more about Dynamics 365 for Marketing and how it can help them overcome the various challenges they face today! We followed that up with a live demonstration of Dynamics 365 for Marketing in action and then concluded with an interactive question-answer session! Our attendees got a first-hand overview of the Dynamics 365 Marketing solution from industry experts! They also witnessed how Dynamics 365 Marketing can leverage their existing Dynamics database. The webinar also covered how to segment their data to allow for more efficient targeting and a stronger relationship through marketing in this robust solution. Our attendees learned that they can quickly build and execute customer journeys to guide customers through the decision-making process involved in choosing a product or service with Dynamics 365 for Marketing and AlphaBOLD! 


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In today’s business landscape, data is all around us. This exponential increase in data has created complex marketing challenges for all companies. These include automation challenges, scattered data, lack of insights, disconnected tools and processes, broken customer experience, etc. Old marketing approaches such as batch and blast emails are not practical anymore, and organizations need to find a way to harness data to orchestrate effective customer journeys. 

Our webinar allowed our attendees to see first-hand the benefits of choosing Dynamics 365 for Marketing as their solution. It also proved to them that AlphaBOLD is the best partner out there for their journey! If you would like to know more about how you can drive meaningful customer interactions across digital channels to build deeper relationships and attain business success with Dynamics 365 Marketing, contact us today!