Luxury Eyewear Maker Uses Cloud ERP to Manage its Inventory & Supply Chain

Working with ERPite and AlphaBOLD, Jacques Marie Mage improves its inventory management, overcomes data challenges, and gains better control over its global supply chain.

When a customer buys a pair of Jacques Marie Mage (JMM) eyewear, she knows that she’s getting something pretty special. Specializing in the micro-production of artisanal eyewear, this Los Angeles-based manufacturer of rare, collectible spectacles incorporates historical motifs, precious materials, and innovative production methods into every pair of limited-edition glasses that it makes.

Seen more as sophisticated statement pieces versus just functional eyewear, JMM’s designs are made in small batches that pay homage to the past while pushing the aesthetic into the future. Since opening its doors in 2000, the company has grown to become one of the leaders in the luxury eyewear market.

“Since inception, we’ve had great support both from consumers and from the high-end optical boutiques and fashion retailers that sell our products around the globe,” said Gabriel Gestin, General Manager. “People are drawn to what we’re doing and the stories that we have to tell. Combined, these factors have really driven JMM’s success.”

Ready for a Change

Two years ago, JMM was facing challenges with its “limited batch” supply chain approach, which was very good at creating the scarcity that all luxury brands strive for, but extremely difficult to manage on a global basis with its QuickBooks accounting software. “As the company grew, managing sales orders and allocation of products was becoming increasingly difficult,” said Gestin. “To be able to keep expanding, we also needed access to better data and data analysis.”

Seeking an enterprise software solution that would solve these and other challenges, JMM considered both NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics. Looking back, Gestin says the NetSuite partner that presented the solution helped JMM decide between the two software platforms.

When JMM’s implementation took on some new complexities, they were introduced to AlphaBOLD, which would ultimately guide the company’s successful NetSuite implementation. “AlphaBOLD was agile, responsive, and very optimistic about the outcome,” said Gestin. “It very quickly became clear that they know what they were doing, and that inspired us to be confident in the implementation process.”

Sophisticated, Reliable Inventory Management

With NetSuite cloud ERP in its corner, JMM has a sophisticated, reliable inventory management system to support its growing business. The system also supports the eyewear manufacturer’s commitment to scarcity in an environment where its products are in high demand, but not always easy for consumers to find. “We have access to more data than we’ve ever had before,” said Gestin.

For example, JMM can now use relevant data to analyze the performance levels of certain products within its collection. Using this information, the company can also monitor the performance of its sales agents and leverage robust reporting-all in the name of creating a very customer-centric enterprise.

Using NetSuite’s allocations functionality, JMM can now do regional reporting, effectively setting “regions” and then using that data to create financial reports that show financials related to those specific regions-something that again supported the company’s commitment to product scarcity. AlphaBOLD created a customization that allows JMM to create special picking lists, effectively enabling it to only pick urgent orders.

The company also needed an easier way to reclassify orders and then commit inventory to those specific orders. To fulfill this and other requirements, AlphaBOLD combined NetSuite’s native/out-of-the-box capabilities with numerous customizations that were unique to JMM. Working closely with JMM, the NetSuite partner developed an allocation system and picking system that met the manufacturer’s needs perfectly.

Nothing but Great Things to Say

For now, JMM is focused on mastering the NetSuite platform and will be looking for new ways to leverage and optimize the software. Reflecting back on the implementation process, Gestin said he especially liked AlphaBOLD’s detail-oriented, optimistic approach to the project.

“I have nothing but great things to say about AlphaBOLD’s approach,” Gestin concluded. “They set up a team, did weekly follow ups, and gave us visibility into the project across all of the different stages. I’d definitely recommend that team to anyone who needs help with a NetSuite implementation.”

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