MS Dynamics CRM – Automation Testing: Page Object Generator

Page object model enables the Testers to gain benefits like maintainability, clarity, and decipherability of the code which is developed to test the application. Although developing the framework takes too much effort in terms of analysis, design, and coding, once that is developed it is relatively easy to maintain and expand to cover further testing scenarios/cases.

Selenium page object generator is a Google Chrome extension (also available for Opera) that produces the class (code) for Page Objects for selenium webdrivers having locators of maximum available fields and methods to access those robotically reducing the effort of developing mainstream structure.

This extension uses a model to generate the class which can be customized from the “settings” page of extensions. After the class is generated, it gives the Tester a blue print on which he/she can further develop/customize the methods to match that with his/her requirements to implement the automation testing framework.

As stated in Chrome web store, this is an early BETA release, and currently supports 3 different targets: Java, C# and Robot Framework.

Extensions and related details can be found at;

Chrome web store Selenium Page Object Generator

After the extension is successfully added to the desired browser (Chrome/ Opera), Page Objects for the application that need to be automated can easily be generated.

Steps to Use:

Following are the steps to use the extension and generate page objects

  1. Open the Browser (Chrome/ Opera) and top right corner of it contains the extension.
  2. Open the Application (CRM in our case)
  3. Click on the extension and set the parameters for desired Code file (intended language).
  4. Page name must be given which will be our code file name of relevant page.
  5. Click on Options for detailed input parameters and settings.
  6. Click on Generate once all the settings are done.
  7. Code file will be generated and saved to the default browser download location.
  8. This generates the code file with the given PageName and controls identified along with methods written.

dynamics 365 Selenium Page Object Generator


This is an early BETA release as mentioned by the extension developers and may contain limited functionality. Manual adjustments are highly recommended, but it provides us with the basic skeleton and reduces a lot of manual work in order to reach this position.