PowerApps in Dynamics 365

webinar powerapps dynamics 365

PowerApps in Dynamics 365 allows organizations to build applications specific to each team considering their specific requirements. This enables greater usability and better process automation. It also facilitates in managing and sharing the application with different users in the organization.

Companies can either build a canvas app or a model app using underlying Dynamics 365 schema. PowerApps is definitely the future of automating business processes in Dynamics 365 or even outside Dynamics 365 by just leveraging the underlying schema.


  • Introduction to PowerApps
  • Simple Demo
  • Use Cases
  • Demo of BOLDConstruction PowerApps
  • Q&A


  • PowerApps are the future of Dynamics 365
  • PowerApps allow for great flexibility in meeting client needs
  • PowerApps can be used across devices and form factors
  • BOLDConstruction caters to the construction industry and might be helpful for your company