Source of truth

Single source of truth for entire sales team in the organization from sales representatives to the executives.

Drive Behavior

Build business processes automation and task driven automation to drive sales behavior.

Sales Forecasting

Track leads and open opportunities across different stages in sales process to track pipeline.

Sales Force Automation

In order to automate the sales process from lead generation to invoicing different systems need to be integrated. AlphaBOLD has built many such integrations to automate the process.

Connected CRM

Leads are integrated from website, emails and other systems. Companies sync in from ERP systems and opportunities are tracked and managed in the CRM  system. Unless all these systems connect business processes cannot be automated as almost all processes need to span across multiple systems.

Drive Sales Results

AlphaBOLD can help you drive sales results by making your sales more predictable and drive sales behavior. Get in touch with BOLDEnthusiasts to learn how we can help!