AlphaBOLD's Comprehensive Security and Privacy Policies 

At AlphaBOLD, security and privacy are core tenets of our operations. We are committed to protecting our client’s data and information assets through robust security controls and practices. Our partnership with Vanta has ensured we have rock-solid security frameworks for our growing BOLD Community. 


SOC 2 Compliance and its Importance for AlphaBOLD

At AlphaBOLD, we use a security framework that aligns with SOC 2 requirements, which enables us to deliver secure and reliable services to our clients. Our adherence to this framework ensures that we maintain the highest standards of security, confidentiality, and privacy, giving our clients the peace of mind, they need to focus on their core business objectives. We continually review and update our security framework to ensure we remain up-to-date with industry standards and best practices, providing our clients with the most secure and reliable solutions possible. 

Security Framework: SOC 2 Compliance and SSPA

We prioritize security and use a robust security framework to protect our client‘s sensitive data and systems. Our security framework aligns with the requirements of SOC 2 and SSPA and includes a comprehensive set of controls and procedures to ensure the security of our client‘s data. 

Physical Security Network Security Data Security Personnel Security
Physical Security
Network Security
Data Security
Personnel Security

Audit and Compliance

AlphaBOLD understands the importance of compliance and audits and strives to maintain our SOC compliance through rigorous third-party audits and assessments. Our compliance and audit process for SOC 2 involves thoroughly examining our security controls, policies, and procedures to ensure they align with the SOC 2 requirements. Our clients can trust us to safeguard their data and maintain the highest security, confidentiality, and privacy standards. 

AlphaBOLD also participates in Microsoft supplier security and privacy assurance program, which delivers Microsoft’s data processing instructions through Microsoft Supplier Data protections requirements. SSPA requires compliance through an annual audit cycle against the Data Protection Requirements.