Understanding Microsoft Defender Offerings for Enhanced Security

Microsoft’s commitment to the cloud has encouraged them to focus on security, which has led the tech giant to build new platforms with new naming conventions. Understanding the concept of the new Microsoft Defender platform is key to understanding pre-installed security software applications running on Windows operating systems and why all businesses should consider using Windows Enterprise instead of Windows Pro. The smart endpoint protection — a vital component of using the Zero Trust framework — is at the heart of this vision. 

Breaking down Microsoft cybersecurity solutions 

Did you know that Microsoft is the world’s largest cybersecurity company? Revenue from their security products and services exceeded $10 billion in 2020, with major competitors such as Norton and Palo Alto Networks making $ 2.6 billion and $ 3.4 billion, respectively. 


This dramatic increase in cybersecurity sales can be associated with Microsoft’s investment in Microsoft 365. As the global cybersecurity situation continues to grow, similar developments will continue to grow. 

Due to its impressive growth, the Microsoft 365 platform now offers a range of products and features, making it difficult for even the most experienced IT professionals to move forward without them. Recognizing the confusion that can be caused by this pace of development in its ecosystem, Microsoft has devoted itself to providing essential services to better define its security vision. The following brand redesign emphasizes the term ‘Microsoft Defender’ to help define their security platform for both cloud and hybrid networks, so now you see the beginning of ‘Microsoft Defender’ in front of their many products.  

Defender for Endpoint is integrated with other products, collectively known as the ‘Microsoft 365 Defender’ enterprise suite. 

An understanding of the security features in this suite can help users understand Microsoft Defender as a complete introduction to Microsoft’s cloud-inspired security concept. 

Microsoft 365 Defender services 


Microsoft Defender for Office 365 

The ‘Office 365’ appendix means this is a 365-day email-based protection of Office 365. It is designed to scan email attachments and malware program links and uses artificial intelligence to detect criminal threats, steal sensitive information and more. 

Microsoft Defender for Identity 

This was previously known as Azure Advanced Threat Protection or Azure ATP. It is a cloud-based security solution that uses location-based code signals to identify, detect and investigate advanced threats, endangered identities, and malicious internal actions. 

Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS) 

This product is Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), which provides visibility, data management and sophisticated analysis to identify and combat cyberthreat threat in all Microsoft applications along with third-party cloud services. MCAS also works for organizations that want to be better known as IT professionals.  

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Microsoft Defender for Endpoint 

Microsoft provides an enterprise-class endpoint security platform that detects, investigates, and prevents advanced threats. It leverages multiple technologies integrated with Microsoft Azure and Windows operating systems to help organizations respond quickly to threats. These sensors send this information to a separate private cloud instance of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. 


 In this blog, we have discussed the offering to enhance security using Microsoft Defender and how Defender for Endpoint is integrated with other products, collectively known as the ‘Microsoft 365 Defender’ enterprise suite. In our next blog, we will explore Microsoft Defender for Endpoint: Features and Capabilities