5 Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Organizations can’t ignore their customers in a customer-dominant age, where customers decide the fate of a business through their reviews, buying decisions, and interaction with products. Customer is king – treat them like one! For example, they need 24/7 customer service, customized messages, and quick solutions to their problems. This is impossible without an advanced technological solution to address these multiple issues. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer service has CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) capabilities to streamline all business operations, from marketing and sales to customer service. These tools can be used as a standalone solution or could also be integrated. It gives powerful customer insights, helps improve customer relations, and customizes the customer experience. In short, hiring the right Dynamics 365 Customer Service Professional helps you use Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer service to the full spectrum that’s required for your business. 

In case you are not still sure whether Dynamics 365 is for your business or not, here are a few benefits that might help you make a better decision: 

1. Easy to Use 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is user-friendly and easy to deploy according to the company’s goal and resources. Businesses can use it in a hybrid cloud or cloud form, making it easy to manage resources from wherever they want. Employees can access their app from a web browser, outlook, and other devices. 

2. Queues 

Since one purpose of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is to streamline processes and operations, so no wonder that Queues is one of its features. Queues help efficiently organize, prioritize, dispatch, and monitor the department’s performance and order progress. 

Queues help remind accomplishment of work because they take the email and automatically turn it into a Case to prepare it for work. 

It can generate multiple Queues to generate Cases for different departments. Queues are a helpful tool for the customer service department because they give a clear view of all incoming emails and define who is working on which email, in other words, who should be responsible for which task. 

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3. Automatic Record Creation 

The automatic Record Creation feature makes it easier to send and receive emails. The system automatically creates a Case when a specified mailbox receives an email. The Case is generated with the specified Case fields depending on the information in the email, like Subject, Contact, Origin, etc. 

It is also a great way to send an automatic response to the customer with the help of a pre-built template. Automatic record creation specifies details of emails, and email automatically gets sent to the customer. 

4. Reduces Sales Cycle 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a handy tool for the sales department of any business as it provides insightful customer data. It makes customer service and office work a lot easier by cutting the fuss of finding relevant data when your customer is on hold. They have one-click access to customer information. So, it becomes hassle-free to have an eye on the candidate’s journey and connect with them accordingly. 

5. Better Customer Service Experience 

Customer service is now the backbone of any successful company. Your customers define your fate. You give them a better experience, they provide good reviews, and your business starts growing. That’s where Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps you hit the nail on the head. 

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 collects customer data and measures behavior on every beat, including how they interact with the site, how much time they spend, buying habits, etc. With this Business Intelligence (BI), companies can treat every customer with a customized approach and give personalized customer service – exactly what today’s customers need. 


If you want to improve your customer service, enhance sales productivity, and streamline business processes, then Microsoft Dynamics 365 is for you. With D365’s easy-to-adapt platform, your organization wouldn’t have to worry about firmly grounding its feet in the competitive market because you would be leading the pack with the help of advanced technology.