6 Key Customer Service Features in Dynamics 365


Customer service is more than just solving customer issues or answering the phone with a smile. It is closely tied to how the general public perceives your organization. Providing poor customer service has an immediate negative impact on your reputation. Consistently providing poor customer service can permanently damage your reputation. To build, retain or regain your company’s image, you need a strong set of tools and procedures to make sure you are consistently solving those customer issues and answering those phones with a smile. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the ideal tool for helping you get there. It has all the components and functionality required for a company to stay ahead in a competitive market. It is simple to integrate, interpret, and utilize.  

Dynamics 365 for customer service is an excellent choice for businesses in need of a capable CRM solution to improve their sales, marketing, and customer support. It is also a perfect choice for small or large-scale enterprises that require ‘out-of-the-box’ capabilities. Dynamics 365 has three deployment options: on-premises, partner-hosted, and cloud-based. The solution can be deployed in an optimal way for your business plan. Here is a list of 6 key features of Dynamics 365 for customer service that can help you save money in business. 

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1. Improved Operational Efficiency 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service improves operational efficiency by standardizing and optimizing business procedures. By using Dynamics 365 you can reduce manual work with automation. Less human interference means less manpower; thus, businesses can cut labor costs. Microsoft’s flexible workflow engine built into the Dynamics 365 product, is a powerful tool that helps organizations to automate laborious tasks.   

2. Highly Customizable 

Dynamics 365 for customer service capabilities includes one major feature: customization. It offers a range of modules and tools that can be customized according to the business needs. If the existing pre-built tools cannot solve the problem, the customizable and flexible options can be opted. They can be tailored according to the budget, or KPIs of your company. These customizations help companies save the cost of investing in multiple software.  

3. Seamless Integration 

Dynamics 365 for customer service integrates seamlessly with all other Microsoft products such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS Teams, Power BI, etc. These integrations can help businesses switch from dynamics 365 to SharePoint for documentation, teams for better communication, and Power BI for better data analytics. Simple integration with multiple Microsoft products can help businesses cut costs by using one single platform for all processes instead of buying new products for different requirements.   

4. Multiple Deployment Options 

Selecting the best deployment method for your business is a crucial decision that could affect the overall success of your project. Dynamics 365 for customer service provides businesses with multiple deployment options such as on-prem, cloud-based, and partner-hosted. Every business can choose a deployment method that suits its budget, business requirements, and resources.  

5. Targeted Marketing Campaigns 

With targeted marketing campaigns, D365 for customer service helps businesses stay in touch with tailored campaigns geared toward wowing your target customers. It provides a marketing tool that can simplify all processes including lead creation, managing lists of customers, creating targeted campaigns etc.  

6. Improved customer Experience 

With dynamics 365 customer service, companies can collect vast amounts of relevant data about their customers. This data is then analyzed and evaluated. This information helps customer service representatives to handle client interactions effectively while accessing the relevant data.  

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You can improve your business productivity by implementing Dynamics 365 for Customer Service in your company. You can make smarter and more informed decisions with the array of features that Microsoft Dynamics has to offer. By reinvesting in its own products, Microsoft regularly updates Dynamics 365 with new and advanced features that help businesses enhance customer experience. 

While we do understand that adopting a new platform within your existing business eco-system can be troublesome, AlphaBOLD, a Microsoft Gold certified partner, can help you implement Dynamics 365 seamlessly. Contact us now for more information.