Data recorded manually or maintained across systems is prone to inconsistencies. It’s a growing challenge in the healthcare industry, considering the sensitive nature of the data. AlphaBOLD has trained AI systems to remove inconsistencies and classify disease data for your data-sensitive scope of work.

Our Disease Classifier analyzes your raw disease data, eliminates inconsistencies, and corrects poorly formatted datasets to ensure that the disease data is correctly identified and classified. If you are part of the healthcare industry, our Disease classifier can be trained to help address your specific data inconsistencies and classification problems.

ai for classification of diseases

AI for Classification of Diseases

improving Doctor-Patient relationship
Improved Healthcare Experience

Aids in improving Doctor-Patient relationship by ensuring correct records

Disease classifier with Dynamics365
Easy to Integrate

Connect our Disease classifier with your Dynamics365 and Office Excel

classify data from multiple sources
Enable Research

Compile and classify data from multiple sources for your research and analysis

Disease Classification AI solution

The bigger the data set, the smarter our AI solution becomes

data classification

Train our classifier for your specific data classification problems


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