All New Dynamics 365 Marketing Event Management

The wait is finally over … Microsoft did it! 

The Event Management module is now introduced within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for marketing. 

In this post, we’ll walk-through a selection of the application’s features to demonstrate some capabilities that Dynamics 365 for Marketing Event Management can provide in order to easily and efficiently manage all types of events.  

Event Planning and Management 

The event planning and management module help organizations manage all their events, even the complex ones, starting from initial planning and budgeting through promotion and publication, attendee registration, webinar broadcasting, final analytics, lead generation, and evaluation of ROI.

Set up an Event  

Through event management, you can easily set up an event with all its required details in no time & edit your event information.

event management

Not only that, you can also set up session-level registration to give attendees ability to assemble their own events from among all available sessions. 

session-level registration

Set up Waitlist

The maximum capacity can be assigned to each session or event. When the number of registrations reaches that capacity, the system won’t accept any more active registrations, but you can still allow new registrants to add themselves to a waitlist.

You can also configure either manual or automatic event invitations for the waiting list. These event invitations are sent when any of the reservations are canceled. Waiting list members can confirm their attendance as they receive reminder event invitations.

Event Portal

Finally, I’d like to list my favorite feature that Microsoft has introduced as part of Event Management.

The event website provides an online resource where people can read about an event and its speakers, create an account, register for the event, purchase passes, view session schedules, and more. 

Not only that, you can set up registration forms that are presented on the event website, and If you’d like to receive additional information from attendees, such as special needs, food allergies, or even their preference for a gift, all that can be added as extra custom fields on your registration form.  

All the that you can set it up by just a few clicks while you are configuring the event record. 

configuring the event record


Dynamics 365 for Marketing Event Management is a very powerful module for managing all types of events that any organization might have. We went through some of the features, but there is much more, including: 

  • Managing event sponsorships. 
  • Create and manage recurring events. 
  • Create and use event templates. 
  • Manage attendee logistics and accommodation availability. 
  • Set up online payment for events. 
  • Follow up after the event. 
  • Record and view financial information for events. 

I highly recommend you visit the Microsoft site to find all Dynamics 365 for Marketing Event Management capabilities. 


Reference: Event planning and management