AlphaBOLD Dollar-pegs employee salaries to counter rising inflation rate

August 2023 Update: In response to the persistent rise in inflation rates across Pakistan, AlphaBOLD demonstrated its unwavering commitment to its employees’ wellbeing by introducing an impressive initiative – the Dynamic Inflation Bonus– an amount paid in US dollars. This policy, an extension of the existing Inflation Bonus policy introduced in 2019, is designed to counteract the adverse effects of escalating inflation. 

By embracing this forward-looking policy, AlphaBOLD sets a precedent in the corporate landscape of Pakistan, demonstrating how a steadfast dedication to employee welfare can redefine the relationship between a company and its workforce. 

“This initiative not only reflects the company’s commitment to its employees but also provides financial stability in the face of rising inflation. AlphaBOLD truly stands out in its dedication to our well-being”says Syed Aun Muhammad (Jr Cloud Engineer).  

Recognizing the critical role employees play in shaping the company’s success, AlphaBOLD has always championed a set of core values: trust, accountability, drive, and BOLDBelief. The organization’s vision is centered on the idea that organizational growth is intertwined with the development of its employees as well as society. With this vision in mind, the company has taken progressive measures to alleviate the economic pressures its Pakistan team faces considering the challenging economic turmoil in Pakistan. 

The dollar-pegging approach involves setting an employee’s base salary in US dollars and then disbursing the compensation in local currency, adjusted according to the prevailing exchange rate. This bonus serves as a financial safeguard against the erosive effects of inflation.  

In a recent review meeting conducted with the employees, more than 96% shared positive feedback on this initiative. They also acknowledged the increase in the amount of employee benefits including medical insurance and internet & gym allowance.