AlphaBOLD’s success with TaylorMade featured on Microsoft’s Customer Success Portal

Recently, Microsoft published AlphaBOLD’s success story on their customer portal featuring TaylorMade Golf, a luxury golf gear manufacturer. The comprehensive case study discusses how AlphaBOLD partnered with TaylorMade to streamline their internal processes and get more revenue, productivity, and ROI with Dynamics 365. 

Microsoft features AlphaBOLD as a successful Dynamics 365 implementation partner that utilized Microsoft services to help TaylorMade Golf overcome challenges of disconnected regional approaches, lack of visibility into data sources and distribution channels, and a disintegrated approach to managing and monitoring customer feedback. This has upped the game for AlphaBOLD as it takes on many new customers facing similar problems in their manufacturing businesses. 

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Not only was AlphaBOLD able to address these pain points, but AlphaBOLD also empowered TaylorMade Golf to manage data better. Order management, delivery tracking, and customer service workflows are now smoothly handled. TaylorMade representatives now enjoy more visibility than ever, thanks to AlphaBOLD’s customizations on their external CRM data-processing tools. Additionally, AlphaBOLD helped TaylorMade integrate its data sources across the entire operation by pulling data from the ERP system, transforming it, and mapping the data to entities in the CRM. 

Being recognized as a trusted Microsoft Partner is undoubtedly an incredible privilege for AlphaBOLD as we step into 2021. This means that AlphaBOLD continues to take forward its legacy of identifying the cadence of digital transformation with seamless CRM integrations that help companies like TaylorMade Golf achieve a unified view of their operations.  

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AlphaBOLD’s vision to provide companies in the manufacturing space with unrivaled support and advanced features like tracking, visibility, reporting, etc., through Dynamics 365 is in full effect in 2021.  We hope to continue to build on our BOLDCommunity by delivering solutions that can help companies improve productivity and profitability together! 

We decided to implement Dynamics 365 because we needed a platform to service our customers better and run our business more efficiently. With the help and hard work of AlphaBOLD, we have become empowered to better manage our data, from order management and delivery tracking to customer service workflows and performance metrics. Five of our largest business units around the world have seen significant success from their work. 

Graham Dupar: Specialist Customer Service 

Taylor Made Golf Company, Inc. 

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