Best Pen Testing Tools


Pen testing is a kind of security testing where a tester tries to discover and exploit weaknesses in a computer system. The purpose of penetration testing is to distinguish and test all conceivable security vulnerabilities that are available in a software/desktop application. It is a known fact that no system is 100 percent secure.  Companies want to know exactly what sort of security loopholes they are dealing with and . Consequently, need a tool to isolate these loopholes. In this blog, we will discuss how penetration testing can help users isolate these problems and overcome them to make their systems more secure. 


As technology evolves, security threats are also evolving. Since pen testing is one of the most effective ways to keep your website/application safe, we decided to list down the top five best pen testing tools for you! 


It was introduced in 2009 by Netsparker Ltd, and the organization is currently a recognized player in the web application security industry. 

We can recognize the vulnerabilities in all kinds of web applications with this tool, regardless of the architecture. Its scanner utilizes the  Proof-Based Scanning™ technology to produce a proof of exploit that shows the outcome is not a false positive.

Netsparker has multiple varieties and the requirements are client dependent, hence it is extremely useful for corporations. Netsparker enterprise gives the best web application security and it deals with the intricacy behind creating testing web applications in a protected design. 


It was introduced in 2010 by LIMSI CNRS. It is an open-source command-line tool that outputs web applications for numerous vulnerabilities, including database injections, file disclosures, cross-site scripting, command execution attacks, XXE injection, and CRLF injection. This tool performs “black-box” scans to examine the deployed web application pages, searching for scripts and forms where it can inject data. 


The Wireshark was introduced in 1998 with the continuation of a venture began by Gerald Combs, this is the most widely used network protocol analyzer. This free software investigates network traffic continuously and is the best software for examining issues in your organization at a microscopic level.  

The Wireshark is often called a network protocol analyzer, and not an interruption discovery framework (IDS).  It demonstrates helpful information on harmful traffic once a warning has been raised. It can also be utilized to catch and examine encrypted TLS traffic. Symmetric session keys are saved in the browser and the admin can place those session keys into Wireshark and inspect decoded web traffic with the relevant browser setting (and authorization and information on the client).  

It contains a graphical tool for the statistics demonstration and presentation. Making it simple to spot general patterns and to present discoveries to low-level administration. 


Metasploit is a modular and extensible penetration testing tool. Professional teams utilize this tool to check and maintain security assessments, improve awareness, and empower defenders to remain a step ahead in the game. 

It is beneficial to examine security and highlight flaws, configure up security. This is a open-source software and enables a network administrator to break in and distinguish deadly vulnerable points. Metasploit is commonly used to train up hackers and provides an approach to replicates websites for social engineers. 

PowerShell Studio: 

PowerShell Studio combines almost 30 standard command-line tools for functions and empowers administrators to accomplish tasks on local and remote systems. Currently, it is a built-in tool in all versions of Microsoft Windows. Furthermore, it is the leading editor of this era and meets all of our scripting requirements. 

It can create PowerShell scripts in a blink of an eye, and efficiently transform the existing functions to a distributable module. It includes a robust editor with syntax coloring, reference featuring, bookmarking, code designing, and code completion. Users can create, update, and oversee code bits to improve script development. Moreover, the many of the offerings include advanced features and stage choices to deploy solutions focused on explicit environments. 

We can confine bundles by domain, machine, user, platform, and MAC address to avoid illegal script execution. It’s performance monitor tracks the performance of the code by visualizing real-time memory and CPU usage. 


This blog demonstrates the importance of pen testing and covered the top 5 tools features with ultimate pros and cons. We also briefly analyzed the tools creating a road map for security testing officials to select the best software according to their requirements. 

Happy testing!