Best resources to learn PowerApps

I have been diving into PowerApps for a while now and along my journey, I have compiled a list of the best learning resources out there for individuals who are just getting started. Below are the most high-end/top resources that i have come across up till now.


Learn more about Dynamics 365 Services!

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Here are a list of associated websites with great resources to learn more about PowerApps:

Business Apps | Microsoft Power Apps

This is a site where you can access the web client to start making PowerApps along with resources to learn more about PowerApps and a community message board. Microsoft Power Platform: Learning Resources

This site offers an overview of good resources segmented by different technology roles for PowerApps.

Solutions in Power Apps
A resource given by @ArtsyPowerApper on smaller snippets to learn specific parts of PowerApps.

Power Apps Community

This is a Microsoft sanctioned message board focused around PowerApps. A community is starting to develop around this technology, and they are posting cool ways to use the tool on this forum.

Power Apps Community Blog

A PowerApps blog that shares good articles from the PowerApps blogosphere.  Click on Blogs

(Shameless plug) A great resource for the cool stuff our consulting firm is encountering while implementing PowerApps in the field.


Line of Business Basics with PowerApps Dev Course

This is a good introductory course on getting up and running from an implementation point of view for PowerApps by building out an app with an expert from the ground up.

A MOOC course offered by Microsoft to get users introduced to implementing PowerApps along with CDS and Microsoft Flow tools.

LinkedIn Follow #PowerApps

An underrated feature of LinkedIn relates to hashtags of certain technologies. Experts in the field like to post their articles to LinkedIn before any other platform. You would come across a lot of good resources here. I have found certain articles that I have not found anywhere else that have sold me on how useful PowerApps can be. I follow this hashtag and I think it is valuable to check periodically.


CRM Audio

If you like listening to podcasts, you can subscribe to this feed of PowerApps focused audio dealing with interviews with experts using the technology in the field.

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