BUILDFitters 2.2 What has AlphaBOLD got in store for you?

Our most recent live webinar, “BUILDFitters Preconstruction – Connected Construction Management,” was so successful that we cannot help but rave about it! But we want to make sure that you did not miss out, so here is a blog to catch you up on what this webinar was all about and why you may be interested in clicking the link below.  

Our three presenters were the Vice President of AlphaBOLD, Tayyab Ali, the Strategic Sales Expert Nick Craig, and the Principal Consultant Mahmoud Tannash. Together they were able to present to the attendees an informative and engaging presentation on how to streamline their AEC business and combat common industry challenges with the help of AlphaBOLD’s comprehensive solution: BUILDFitters.  


Our webinars always end on a friendly question and answer session with our attendees. Many attendees put forward their questions to evaluate BUILDFitters. In this blog, we have packaged a few tips, benefits, and insights, as discussed in our webinar, to help you understand when and why BUILDFitters is the best solution for all your challenges! 

Here are some statistics of the common challenges faced by the AEC industry that were looked at in the webinar: 

1. Document and Data Management 

  • 50% of contractors still fail to capture and review data consistently. ​ 
  • 35% time is spent hunting down project information​. 
  • Up to 30% of initial data created during design and construction phases is lost by project closeout. 

With figures such as these, one can only imagine the time and money lost in managing documents and data, as all communication, transactions, and agreements are inefficiently managed. 

2. Project Tracking 

  • 42% update schedules daily or weekly​. 
  • ​20% update 1-2 days of becoming aware of a schedule modification​. 

A project manager’s job is both demanding and time-consuming, which is why inefficient processes only slow down a project and affect the results. 

3. Effective Collaboration 

  • 82% of owners feel they need more collaboration with their contractors. 
  • Only 18% of firms reported consistently using mobile apps to access project data and collaborate​. 

Time is wasted on tasks where it should not be, such as collaboration and communication between employees. What should be seamless and time-saving is instead an unproductive chore for most.  

4. Change Orders 

  • 36% collect & document change orders on less than half of their projects​​. 
  • 52% of rework is caused by poor project data and miscommunication. 

The inaccurate and costly burden of change orders can impact a project’s budget and cause significant complications that could otherwise be easily avoided.  

5. Labor Productivity 

  • 73% of contractors report a medium or high impact on workers’ productivity due to the double-entry of construction data. 

The #1 reason for this is due to an already stated challenge: a lack of communication and collaboration between project teams. 

These figures may seem daunting and have left you wondering, is there even a solution? Yes, there is! It is one word and one solution - BUILDFitters 

What is BUILDFitters? 

BUILDFitters is a comprehensive solution built for Architectural, Engineering, and Construction companies to eliminate disconnect across teams in the field and office. With BUILDFitters, companies can automate end to end processing while streamlining Project Management, Sales, Inventory Management, On-field Operations, and much more. BUILDFitters 2.2 is the only solution in the market that handles sales with a smooth transition to pre-construction and construction phases. BUILDFitters is the best solution for companies in the AEC space to gain a competitive advantage in 2021.  

 With BUILDFitters, you will gain a competitive edge with streamlined features such as: 

  • Pre-construction module to help with contract negotiations (vendor and subcontractor qualification), estimate changes in pre-construction, procurement enhancements, team collaboration & structure.     
  • Generate submittals at sales, pre-construction, and project level.    
  • Auto creation of tasks and document structure in Pre-Construction and Project management.     
  • Project management enhancements through integration with Wrike and Microsoft project online.    
  • Auto creation of folder structure for effective document management.  
  • 3D visualization in the pre-construction phase.     
  • Enhancement on team onboarding through guided help.    
  • Enhance collaboration through integration with Microsoft teams, office 365 groups, and SharePoint for project teams.     
  • Effective tracking of budget and change orders on contract, project level, or a site level.    

Another exciting part of our webinar was the results of our polls! Our attendees’ answers were surprising, insightful, and ultimately verified for everyone that BUILDFitters is the best solution out there for the AEC industry. Here are the results of our polls: 

Do you relate to these answers as well? If yes, then BUILDFitters may be the right solution for you and your business. If you are still not convinced, here is a word from our in-house expert on what BUILDFitters can do for you. BUILDFitters can turn your company from an unprofitable burden to a growing and successful competitor in the AEC industry: 

What Our Clients Say

“Initially, we were only looking for a project management solution. AlphaBOLD helped us take a deeper look at our processes, which has helped us understand where we wanted to go. Through this partnership, we’ve significantly improved M Bar C as a whole. This is just the beginning for us, and we’re very excited about where we’re going in the future.”  –  Michael Patterson, M Bar C Construction


Our webinar extensively looked at how BUILDFitters could help AEC companies overcome their process inefficiencies, cut costs, and increase revenue. Watch the webinar for more information or if you feel you have all the information you need contact us at [email protected] today so we can give you a free demo!