Interactive Experience Dashboards in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement


This blog will discuss Interactive Experience dashboards in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. These were introduced in the interactive service hub. They are like regular dashboards except for a few additional features that provide a better user experience. So, let’s get started!

Top Interactive Experience Dashboards in Dynamics 365 CE

Multi-Streams Dashboards

In Multi-stream, you can add multiple streams to this type of dashboard. When you add a stream, you must select the name of the entity you want to see in each stream. Users can use every unified interface-supported entity for this purpose. When you choose an entity, you must also choose a view used in the stream to display the data. 

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this image shows Multi-Streams Dashboards - Dashboards in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Single-Stream Dashboards

When you add a stream dashboard, you cannot pick which entity. This will be set at the dashboard level. You also cannot use a queue in the stream. You can only add a single entity to this dashboard.

this image shows Single-Stream Dashboards -Dashboards in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Once you pick the stream, you can add other components to the dashboard. Let’s look at the required fields on the dashboards. Both multi-stream and single-stream dashboards contain these fields: 

  • Name: This is the name of the dashboard. 
  • Filter Entity: Pick the entity showing the data on the dashboard. All the data in the dashboard’s charts, views, and filters are based on this entity. 
  • Time Frame: This is the time frame of the data. Users can select a different timeframe. 
  • Filter By: This field would determine the filter criteria for displaying the records. In this example, we choose the “Actual End” field of the Activity entity. This means that if the actual end date falls in the “Time Frame,” then the records will be displayed.

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this image shows multi-stream and single-stream dashboards fields

New Features in Interactive Experience Dashboards

Visual Filters:

Another main difference between multi-stream and single-stream dashboards is that multi-stream has visual filters. These are the charts on the dashboard. When users open the multi-stream dashboard, they will see the ‘show visual filter’ button on the command bar, which they can use to show or hide the dashboard charts. Users can filter the data by clicking any of the charts. 

this image shows Visual Filters -Interactive Experience Dashboards

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Tile View:

Multi-stream dashboards also have a tile view that allows them to change all the dashboard streams to a tile view. These tiles behave the same way. Users can toggle between stream and tile views using the command bar’s ‘switch to tile view’ button.

this image shows Tile view - Interactive Experience Dashboards

Global Filters:

The dashboard’s command bar has a ‘show global filter‘ button. This allows users to filter the data. Data in charts can be filtered by using global filters.  Also, streams and tiles based on the entity selected in the dashboard will be filtered.

You can enable or disable fields for use in the global filter. You can do this in the field’s properties advanced options section, where you will have checkboxes to allow the field to appear in the global filter. 

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In this blog, we addressed Interactive Experience Dashboards and some of the new features added to them, like Visual Filters, Tiles views, Global Filters, etc.
I hope it helps…! 

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