Dynamics 365 Kingswaysoft Data Integration Guide Part 2: Reading Data from CRM

This guide builds on getting a connection to CRM with the Kingswaysoft Dynamics 365 plugin for SSIS. Link here to get started with part one of this guide: https://www.alphabold.com/dynamics-365-kingswaysoft-data-integration-connection-guide/

In this guide we will work towards getting data out of Dynamics. We will get data and display it on the screen using a data viewer provided by the SSIS package actions. Please follow the steps below to get started.

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Open Project

Open Project

Double Click on ‘Data Flow Task’ in the left section (SSIS Toolbox) of Visual Studio.

Data Flow Task | Kingswaysoft Data

Select Dynamics CRM Source on the left side of the screen.

Drag this to the middle section of the screen.

Dynamics CRM Source | Kingswaysoft Data

The below screenshot should be similar to what you see.

Dynamics CRM Source 2 | Kingswaysoft Data

Double Click on Dynamics CRM Source in the middle section of the screen.

Dynamics CRM Source 3

In the next step, following screen should appear.

crm source editor

Click on the dropdown labeled ‘Connection Manager’

Connection Manager

Select Dynamics CRM Connection Manager.

(If you do not see this option please refer to this guide to get this set up and try again. https://www.alphabold.com/dynamics-365-kingswaysoft-data-integration-connection-guide/)

Dynamics CRM Connection Manager

Select Entity for source type.

Entity for source type

Select the account entity.

account entity

Click the columns option on the left side of the screen.

columns option

In the next step, following screen should appear.

columns option2

Descriptions of different elements numbered below on the screenshot:

  1. You can search through the fields to select only the ones you need easily using this search bar.
  2. This check box allows you to hide selected fields.
  3. This check box allows you to hide unselected fields.
  4. This is the list of fields that are available for the selected entity. In this case these are fields for the account entity.

columns option3

Uncheck the box shown below:

columns option4

Select ‘accountid’ and ‘name’ from list


Select ‘Derived Column’ from the list on the left hand side of the screen and then drag it to the middle section of the screen.

Derived Column

Should look similar to what is shown below.

Derived Column2

Follow steps listed below:

Derived Column3

Note: This is just a derived column – which does not do much good in terms of actually manipulating the data but it at least allows us to see the data in easy fashion. Feel free to store this data in SQL or write it back into CRM using the Kingswaysoft Destination once you feel comfortable with this exercise.

Kingswaysoft Destination

Kingswaysoft Destination 2 | Kingswaysoft Data

Popup window should appear as shown below. Select Data Viewer on the left hand side of the screen.

Data Viewer

Select OK

Data Viewer ok

Data Viewer 3

Hit start to see the data get pulled out of the connect CRM system.

connect CRM system

The popup below should show you the returned accounts from your CRM system.

returned accounts

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You have accomplished reading data out of CRM using the kingswaysoft package. You can use this data to be written back into SQL tables or manipulated and put back into CRM using different actions with the SSIS package. Feel free to use this to your advantage when large scale data is needed to be interacted with in CRM.

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