Dynamics 365 Social Engagement

Social Media is now one of the most important channels to market your business and get feedback. Every business needs to keep up with this trend and come up to speed with technology. Did you know that Dynamics 365 Social Engagement can connect to multiple social networks like Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn?

These easy to use widgets help provide social insights & better knowledge of what your customers or prospects think about your company, products or any services you are providing.

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This will help with following:

  1. Empower your employees to better connect with your customers knowing their interests or complaints through different social media channels of customer’s choice
  2. Facilitate the new lead sourcing for your Sales teams
  3. Marketers can easily access and manage their brand feedback and reputation.


In this post I will talk about some of the features that Dynamics 365 social engagement provides.


Manage your profiles on Social Networks

Through Microsoft social Engagement you can manage your social profiles which represent your company on social media!

Within the application you can send, share posts or interact with customers’ posts.

You can add social profiles from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.


Ability to listen to social media conversations

Yes! It means exactly what you understood!

Dynamics 365 Social Engagement gives you the ability to listen to social media conversations around your company, products, services provided and even your competitors if you want to!

It all depends on the search topics you’ve configured in your application


Analyze social data

Using Dynamics 365 widgets you can have visual analytics for your organization’s data!

This helps you figure out what the customer’s feedback on your products or services is and also how your team is working to have the best customer experience possible!

The data gathered in these analytics are based on the posts collected through your search topics, and same as with CRM, you can drill down further in the dashboards!


Social Selling Assistant

The Social Selling Assistant can turn your sales teams members into Experts!

It helps your sales team improve their social media presence and grow their social networks which leads to more sales opportunities.

This is done by providing personalized recommendations & insights based on the topics that you pre-select in your profile.

Please note that you need to download the social selling assistant from your AppSource and install it to your Dynamics 365 instance.



Data Expiry

It’s important to know that your data is available for analysis only for 15 months since it is collected, after which it is automatically deleted from the database.

In case you need to keep your older data, you can export it before the end of the 15 months.

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