Dynamics 365 Partner and Consultant

Solution Platforms

As Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner AlphaBOLD works on MSFT technology stack to deliver powerful business solutions. We leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365, Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure for our solutions. We build personalized CRM solutions on top of Microsoft Business Cloud.


BOLDEnthusiasts specialize in building solutions for manufacturing, property management, legal, financial services, field service and energy vertical.


At AlphaBOLD we believe in “Do it once”. We package our solutions into products so we don’t have to do it again. Our products help BOLDCommunity benefit in terms of cost and delivery time.

Microsfot Solutions Provider

Solutions our customers love

Although we use MSFT solutions to solve business problems yet our approach is always technology agnostic. Our focus is to build solutions that our customers love. We just happen to be experts in MSFT technology stack that lends itself well to help us achieve our goal.

Trusted advisors

Our success is based on our ability to maintain long term relationships. We like to be part of customer’s journey and add value along the way. At times it means we have to bring in other consulting firms for certain areas of specialization but we do what is right for the relationship. That is what you get when you join BOLDCommunity.

d365 partner and 365 consultant


We can help you solve your business problems and reduce your pain points. We can estimate effort to build your solution based on experience with similar projects. Get in touch to learn how we helped similar customer…

Webinar More Power to You – Automate your business processes with Microsoft Power Apps framework

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) using MSFT Power Automate
  • Enhancements to AI Builder
  • Enhancements in MSFT Power Apps framework to enable no-code Apps