Email Management Solution CRM 2011 Online

I wrote an article on Email Preview Pane. We have done some enhancement to make that tool into an Email Management Solution for MS Dynamics CRM 2o11 online.

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  1. HI Daniel. Sorry for a late reply rather a very late reply. I built this solution for my old company and they have rights to the code. PLease let me know if you still need it and i will connect you with them.

  2. I would be extremely interested in getting some contact details to discuss, my company is very interested in implementing this exact functionality. Thanks. Daniel.

  3. Hi Tayyab,
    I am trying to develop a similar solution for our in-house CRM. We want to have a view for all the emails associated with a client with email specific columns such as From, To, Subject, etc. and have the ability to search emails and their attachments. I have done some CRM plug-in development and am familiar with the CRM SDK. I have created custom entities and their views. Can you give me some pointers on how to go about developing this. I know you cannot tell me how to develop the solution but if you can point me to any source of information that will help me in developing this solution, I would appreciate that.

  4. Hi Ajay,
    Thank you for your message. This solution is complex because we use Azure as means to keep track of number of users. That is how we billed our clients. If you have to build it yourself then this should be a lot easier. You need html based web resource and use SDK to fetch emails. Once you have the emails you can either just pull attachments for the emails or do that as part of getting emails. Attachments can have a large size based on which it can take time to fetch this information. I don’t think you will have issues if you are familiar with SDK. Please let me know if you run into issues.

  5. Tayyab, I have created a CRM Developer tools solution in Visual Studio 2012, connected it to my dev CRM and added a HTML web resource. I also created a solution in the CRM and connected the visual studio solution to the CRM solution. When I deploy, it says that the deployment was successful but it does not show the new web resource in the solution in CRM. Any thoughts on what I may be missing here?

  6. Hi Tayyab, we are extremely interested in your above solution but are struggling to get hold of you via email or phone. Can you please email me.

  7. Hi Nicole,
    I hope you are well. I have added my email to the “About” section of my blog so you could reach me using that. I don’t have your email so i cannot email you.

  8. I am sure there must be an error. Try a very simple query or script and see if everything works. You can also check the error log and post here and then i will be able to help.

  9. Hi Tayyab have send you an email to your gmail account. If you could respond it would be appreciated. Many thanks

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