Intelligent Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Welcome back to another one of our blogs about our exciting and informative webinars, this one is titled, “Intelligent Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics 365”! We know sometimes life can catch up with you and you may not be able to make time for certain events which is why we make sure to record our webinars, click on the link below to watch it and forget you ever missed out! If you do not feel like you are quite ready to watch the whole webinar yet, keep reading to learn more about what we looked at this time around. 

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Our two presenters were, if you have watched our webinars before his voice will be very familiar to you by now, Nick Craig the Sales Executive at AlphaBOLD. Joining him this time is Mohsin Mirza a Senior Architect at AlphaBOLD, together Nick and Mohsin guide you on how you can elevate your marketing efforts by using Microsoft Dynamics 365. They will introduce you to Customer Insights and its key components and why it is such an integral part of any marketing team. 

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What is this Webinar all about? 

Let’s give you the gist of it shall we. During the course of the webinar our presenters will walk you through Customer Insights, how to create Customer Profiles, how to create Customer Segments, they will go on to look at Dynamics 365 Marketing and take a look at Marketing Emails and finally, the Customer Journey. They will address common industry challenges you and your business are likely to face ranging from poor buyer experience to an inability to increase demand, and many other problems such as these. Are you asking yourself, well that is all fine but what exactly are you going to learn? Here is the list: 

  • How to make the most out of Microsoft’s “Insights” offerings? 
  • How-to drive-up demand with account-based marketing? 
  • How to turn your prospects into revenue? 
  • How to evaluate your company to come up with a demand strategy? 
  • How to align your sales and marketing to make informed decisions? 
  • How to grow with an adaptable platform? 

If you would like for us to go a little more in depth as to what we would be covering  in this webinar, we can look at Customer Insights. Our presenters will compare traditional customer analytics with Dynamics 365 Insights and what both can offer you. Once again, we will give you a little preview into what we will cover in detail in the webinar. 

While traditional customer analytics are harder to adapt, Dynamics 365 Insights are configurable. Traditional customer analytics implementation time is measured in months whereas Dynamics 365 Insights’ is only in weeks. One last point we will mention here, because we do not want to give too much away before you have a chance to watch the webinar, is that traditional customer analytics require deep technical expertise, whereas Dynamics 365 Insights are ready to be run even by business users. 

Here are the results from the polls taken during our webinar, see what attendees had to say! 

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If you would like to unlock insights and power personalized customer experiences for intelligent marketing, then Microsoft Dynamics 365 may be the answer you have been looking for. Click on the link above and watch our webinar to learn more.  If you have any question or queries, do not hesitate to reach out to us