Manager, Software Engineering

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Position Title: Manager, Software Engineering

Department: AIoT and Custom Development


Position Overview:

The Manager of Software Engineering is pivotal in nurturing the engineering team’s growth and cohesion. Beyond technical oversight, this role emphasizes leadership in team development, culture building, and individual mentorship to ensure a collaborative and thriving work environment.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Team Leadership & Development:
    • Mentor teams with a focus on personal development and career growth.
    • Foster a positive, innovative, and inclusive culture.
  • Recruitment & Retention:
    • Oversee talent acquisition, integration, and retention strategies.
    • Address performance and interpersonal issues constructively.
  • Performance Management:
    • Conduct performance reviews and strategize individual development plans.
    • Advocate for team needs and resources at the management level.
  • Communication & Collaboration:
    • Ensure transparent communication within and across teams.
    • Promote knowledge sharing and collaborative problem-solving.
  • Strategic Advocacy:
    • Provide people-centric input on the department’s strategic direction.
    • Align team objectives with company values and goals.
  • Wellness & Work-Life Balance:
    • Monitor and address workload balance and team member well-being.
    • Implement team building and wellness initiatives.
  • Qualifications:
    • Bachelor’s in computer science/engineering or related field; master’s preferred.
    • 10+ years in software development, 5+ in a leadership role with a focus on team management.
    • Strong interpersonal skills and proficiency in performance management.
    • Solid technical background to engage with engineering tasks and personnel credibly.



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