What are the Major construction obstacles that project managers face in 2021?

Effective project management is critical to completing a construction project on time. A construction project manager must be prepared to face numerous obstacles during the project life cycle to ensure project success in an industry where each project has many partners, budget limitations, and scheduling problems.   

Construction project managers are tasked with resolving issues that arise directly or indirectly from construction activities. These challenges are often complicated by several significant roadblocks that many project managers are not acquainted with. The following points highlight some of the main challenges that project managers encounter during construction projects:  


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  • Budget Control and Management: Project cost overruns are popular in the AEC industry, with many projects exceeding their designated budget. Budget overruns are caused by incorrect information, projections, and inaccurate estimate at the outset of the construction process. A construction project’s success depends on planning and reasonable cost requests from developers and contractors during the pre-construction process.  
  • Time Limitations: Time scheduling is at the heart of a project manager’s duties. Project owners perceive time constraints as a challenge that leads to missed sales, cash flow and lost revenue, poor design, and even increased on-site injuries. Therefore, project managers must consider addressing problems arising from schedule delays, missed deadlines, and milestones. As a result, construction project managers must define realistic deadlines and track compliance to ensure that construction milestones are met. Any unforeseen and unexpected delays should be managed through appropriate planning.   
  • Ineffective Communication: Poor coordination is the leading source of one-third of project delays. Poor communication can affect a project and produce negative results, as it can cause confusion between everyone from key stakeholders from key stakeholders to construction professionals and field staff. Inconsistent, inaccurate, and unclear delayed reporting can all contribute to inconsistencies in the worksite and workplace, causing project delays and cost overruns. 

Many of the difficulties and barriers that project managers face during construction phases can be addressed by having the right set of tools to aid them in organizing, monitoring, recording, documenting, and controlling all aspects of the project life cycle.    

AlphaBOLD has a dedicated and committed AEC team with several years of experience in the construction sector that understands these common industry challenges. This team built  the BUILDFitters platform, which is designed to solve the problems associated with construction projects.

This platform simplifies and automates construction processes from start to finish. For example, the Preconstruction App is one of the many applications that comes with the BUILDFitters Framework. The app allows project managers to perform and execute the following tasks:   

  • Project Planning and Estimate control: This function enables the project managers, in conjunction with the estimators, to generate and update estimates as required to produce more precise costs and create accurate project budgets.  
  • Scheduling: The project manager may use this tool to plan project tasks assigned to the project team. As the project team completes their assigned duties, the project schedule is immediately updated, allowing the project manager to properly prepare and handle any tasks that might arise due to unpredictable events.  
  • Microsoft Teams Integration: This tool enables project managers to efficiently collaborate and communicate with all team members involved in their projects. With the click of a button, you can switch from group chat to video call, safely connect, view, transfer, and co-author files in real-time. Keep reminders, records, and your calendar together to stay coordinated.  

Conclusively, despite the many challenges that project managers go through during a construction project’s lifecycle, having the right set of tools can help managers overcome every challenge very quickly. AlphaBOLD’s BUILDFitters is the perfect tool for modern-day project managers as it enables them to successfully plan, monitor, track, document, and command all aspects of the project life cycle. Since BUILDFitters is explicitly designed for the AEC industry, it caters to all construction needs, requirements and problems. If you would like to know more about this fantastic construction project management solution, you can reach out to us by clicking here